Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nicholas Day #3 - A Little Bit of Mowgli

Nicholas really is just so stinkin cute!  He was much calmer today and didn't do the kicking that he did yesterday.  The caregiver from day #1 was with him today.  He just sits back and laughs instead of getting in the middle like yesterday's caregiver.  Nicholas does of course have a lot of institutionalized behaviors, but he is hysterical and really enjoys Brent coming.  The roaring scream of his was not as often today.  He did eat off of the floor and obsess over crumbs.  He also wanted to jump into Brent's arms.  The caregiver even mentioned that it means he trusts Brent.  :) 

Now for the pictures and videos!

The "top" in the picture below is an old fashioned top that they had there.
It did NOT survive Nicholas.
The worker called him "demolition boy".  lol
The food issues will take some time to get worked out once he gets home. 
I'm sure eventually he will feel like he is safe enough and food is sure enough
 that the crumbs on the floor won't seem so necessary to him.
Praying that he is home and learning all of that very soon.

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  1. Hey Amanda and Brent,

    HE really is really adorable!!!! Praying for you and praising the LORD for you! What a sweet little guy...crumbs, screams, giggles and all!

    Praying and sending our love...

    steph brian and girls!!!