Saturday, May 26, 2012

Waiting Children 5-27-12

Today, I am going to just highlight 3 waiting children today.  These are all kids who really need a family.  These are kids in desperate situations that need OUT.  These are children made in God's image, but rejected by the world around them and put into places that leave them suffering.  These are all children who need YOU to do something to help them.

First up is Ksenia
The picture that you see above is the old picture of Ksenia.  She was just a baby, alone and waiting.  You could see her loneliness even then, but she was "ok".

The picture you just viewed and likely cringed when you viewed is also Ksenia.  She has been TRANSFERRED to an institution.  This picture pretty much tells the story of what that means.  She is now not only alone and waiting, but she is suffering horribly.  She isn't even slightly safe.  She is being hurt and she is deteriorating quickly.

Recently, her picture disappeared from the data base that shows her as available.  All of us who had seen this picture felt utter despair at what it meant.  We felt like we could have done more.  Someone should have gone for her.  She has to have a CANADIAN family, because her region isn't open to Americans right now or has no agency for Americans.  Yet, we had a sense of relief that she wasn't in that place any more and in that pain.  Then her picture re-appeared.  Now we all know we have to scream LOUD.  She has to get out!


The next two children is desperate need of a family could be adopted together for no extra cost or time in country!


Both of these adorable children are in the really bad place where one of my little ones is.  They are both very small and malnourished.  They both are very delayed.  They both have medical issues.  They both were made in God's image.  They both deserve more.  They both need a FAMILY!  I'm back to begging for these two.  I know how they are living and I know that someone is suppose to go and get them.  They can have an American family and so someone needs to step up and take this step of faith, obedience, and path to blessings.

Yes, there are unknowns.  Yes, it will take a lot of work.  Yes, THEY ARE WORTH IT ALL!!

For Gabby and Beacan, you can click their links above for more info or email  and get more info that way.

Please pray specifically for each of these three children that I've highlighted.  Ask God what YOU can do.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Waiting Children 5-26-12

In honor of Anita turning 7 years old yesterday (I just couldn't write a post about it then and may try to this coming week, but birthdays are rough.  She is in a good orphanage as far as orphanages go, so I tried to not think about it and purely think about the fact that it was her very last one as an orphan.)  , I am doing all 7 year old little girls today.

Heather will turn 7 in July.  She is described as calm and affectionate.  She has Down Syndrome and needs someone to show her how wonderfully made she is!  Are you her Mommy??

Paulina will be 7 next month.  She is described as friendly and happy.  She would be much happier if she had a Mommy!  Could you help her with that?

Christina just turned 7 in April.  She is waiting for her Mommy to find her, so that she doesn't have to keep having birthdays alone.  She would be gorgeous with that red hair all grown out and bows in it!!

Molly will be turning 7 years old in July.  She is a gorgeous little girl and doing so very well.  She is currently living in a foster family and needs her forever family to find her.  She loves all things pink and sparkly!  I can imagine that preparing her room could help keep you occupied while you wait to bring home this tiny joy!

Anastasia is a gorgeous 7 year old.  She just had her 7th birthday alone and would love for someone to start the process to end that horrible trend.  She is a sociable little girl who needs hope and love.  Could this be your daughter???

Mabel shares an age and birth month with my Anita.  She has turned 7 just this month too!  She has been chewing on her hands and sleeves to soothe herself and you can see it in this picture.  She needs a Mama to give her hugs to soothe her and love every day.  Please someone make this very tiny 7 year old your daughter!!!

Millie is an older 7 year old.  She will be turning 8 next month.  She is such a beautiful little girl!  She loves to be outside and play with musical toys.  There are a couple videos of her available if you inquire.  She needs a Mama to start working so that by the time the next birthday comes around, she will know that she is loved!

Jolene just turned 7 years old.  She is such a pretty little girl!  More pictures are available of her too.  :)  Is this your little girl?

Melissa will turn 7 next month.  She has already been transferred.  Her beautiful blonde hair was shaved off and she is now confined to a crib.  She will stay there unless someone steps out and says "You aren't leaving my baby girl in that crib" and bring her home.  Please do that!

So all of the little girls you have just seen are less than a year different than Anita in age.  They all have Down Syndrome like her as well.  They are all living in orphanages or institutions, like Anita is today.

The difference:  Anita has a family who adores her and she will be coming home soon!!!!

Please give them that!!!!

Every little girl deserves a family to adore her!
Happy Birthday Anita!  
We love you so very much!
Soon you will be home and not just looking at pictures!
Prayerfully someone will see you and give one of these other
that are so very much like YOU
a FAMILY too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update on Prayer Requests

Well, we had lots of answered prayers today.

Annikah's brain surgery went well.  Please continue to pray for her as she recovers.  Her mommy is trying to get some rest tonight, so please pray about that as well.

We did get a court date.  Court will be on June 12th.  We also got a wonderful judge who hasn't asked for anything extra.  :)  Unfortunately the date is out further than we had expected.  That means that our travel will now be in July.  I had a rough morning thinking of the extra weeks that means for my babies in the places they are now, but I am much better now.  I know God has a plan in all of it.  Please pray for the kids as they wait.

Thank you so much for the prayers!  Keep them going please!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Important Prayer Requests

The biggest prayer request right now is for my friend Shelley's little girl.  Her name is Annikah and she came home from Bulgaria in December.  She is having brain surgery tomorrow to help get better blood flow to her brain as a result of Moya Moya Disease.  (I'd never heard of it before Annikah either!)  She will then need another in about 4 weeks to help with blood flow to the other side of her brain.

Today did not go well.  She was stuck over and over to try and hydrate her through an IV.  The veins kept blowing, so finally they put a PIC line in.  PLEASE PRAY THAT TOMORROW GOES MUCH BETTER FOR HER AND HER MOMMY!!!

Another big prayer need is for a COURT DATE!  We need our case assigned to a judge over there and a court date given.  We really are hoping for a quick court date!  Please send up lots of prayers.  They have a "holiday" on Thursday and Friday.  I hate holidays over there right now.  They cost us time, but worse than that is that they likely mean that Keith's Baba doesn't go and he gets even less care than on a normal day.  :(

Please send up lots of prayers for that court date, an adoption friendly judge, and Annikah's surgery!  I'll update you on all of it tomorrow once I know how things went.  :)  Thanks so much for those prayers that I know you are sending up!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Waiting Children 5-20-12

40 children have found their families through Reece's Rainbow in the last 18 days and another sweet baby boy went on the MFFM page today.  It makes my heart leap with joy when another new child is added.  I am going to try to sit down one day this week and do a post full of kids who we've advocated for her on this blog that now have families coming for them.  Not today though, because today we need to see more faces of waiting children.

Beacan was born in 2001.  He lives in that really bad place that I talked about yesterday.  He is very small and has special medical needs, plus is very delayed as are all children from that place.

Kamdyn is 2 years old.  She is developmentally on target.  She has some medical needs, that you can read more about by going to her link.  Her special needs are very mild though and she just needs a family!

Kody is a 3 year old little boy who also has very mild needs.  He was born premature and is developmentally delayed as a result of that and orphanage life.  He would thrive in a family!!  ( I personally think that he and Kamdyn would make wonderful siblings!!!)

Gabby is still waiting.  I wrote about her yesterday HERE.  You can take that same daily schedule and apply it to Beacan up above too.  Though are both in that horrible place together and could be adopted together!  Please don't leave her waiting.

Sammy is another adorable 3 year old boy.  Sammy has Apert Syndrome.  What a cutie he is!  Are you his Mama?

Stephen is only 2 years old.  He is blind, but has some small amount of sight.  He needs a family.  Imagine how scary the world must be when you can't see well and don't have anyone to love you either!

Mirabel is absolutely beautiful!  She is going to turn 3 years old in August.  She is in serious need of a Mommy to let that hair grow and add some bows and braids.  Mostly though she needs loved!

Edward is a cute 7 year old little boy!  He only has mild delays.  He needs a family where he can run and play.  What a cutie he is!

Look at Peter's wonderful smile!  He is 7 years old and has DiGeorge Syndrome.  He is quite the little cutie and needs a family to love him and help him continue to progress!

Are any of these children suppose to be yours??  If not, could you still repost this and hope that someone else reposts it from your friends and eventually their faces land in front of their parents?????  Please help them!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Waiting Children 5-1912

Well another weekend is here.  Time to see more beautiful children who are waiting for someone to step and to love and take care of them.  Every child DESERVES to know that they are loved, wanted, adored, and made by a wonderful loving God who gave His Son to adopt them.  They can't learn that in an institution or orphanage even if by chance they are actually told.  How could they possibly understand "love" if they've never even felt the earthly equivalent?

Please look at this picture.  Pray for this child.  Consider donating, advocating, or adopting!  God isn't sending out special notices to just certain people that He wants to do something for orphans.  He expects ALL OF US to DO SOMETHING.  Read what the Bible says about orphans and you will find that to be true.

GABBY!  Gabby is 3 years old.  She is in the horrible place where my little one is.  She needs OUT.  She has no chance of any life at all there.  She has been left lay there and who knows what she will or will not achieve.  EVERY CHILD deserves to be loved.  This little girl has never had one ounce of that.  She needs to feel it.  With love, there is no telling what she might achieve, but even if she doesn't make huge strides in development - she NEEDS to be loved.  Look at those beautiful eye lashes, those big eyes, and those soft little cheeks.  CLICK HER TO LEARN MORE ABOUT GABBY

I don't know exactly what Gabby's daily schedule is like, but I have a pretty good idea.

Morning:  A bottle is slung at Gabby that isn't nearly the nourishment needed to grow. Then she is left lay in bed wet and still hungry on sheets that are soaked with urine.  There is no toy in sight and if she saw one at 3 years old, she would have no idea what to do with it.

Mid morning:  Gabby is laying in bed more wet and more hungry, in a sopping wet bed all alone.  Gabby doesn't try to do anything, besides lay there.  There is no use.  No one has ever cared.  She's never had any stimulation whatsoever.

Noon:  Another bottle slung at Gabby (if she is lucky there!) and yanked out of bed for her daily diaper change, which if she is lucky will include a change of her clothes and maybe a dry sheet some days.

Afternoon:  Gabby is laying in bed alone still with no toys, stimulation, or having been touched with any love yet another day.  She is likely already in a wet diaper again and still just as hungry as ever.

Evening:  Another bottle is slung at Gabby. She is back to being in a very wet diaper. She is alone and has just seen the last person who even looked her way for the day.

Night:  Gabby is still alone. No one sung to her or tucked her in. She is still hungry, very wet, her clothes are wet again by now even if she was changed earlier. Her sheets are now wet again too. The only difference between day and night for her is that now it is dark, but it is still the same because she is ALONE.

Middle of the night:  Gabby wakes up with a horrible hunger in her stomach.  No one is coming and she has learned that so she doesn't even bother to cry.  She is soaked, but she is use to that too.  She had a dream, but she couldn't understand it.  There was someone singing and holding her in that dream.  The words "I love you" were there and sounded good, but 'what on earth do they mean' she must wonder.  She's never heard those words or anything that means that in any language.  She feels some hope deep inside that could only come from God, but yet her heart stops hoping before it gets very far. She needs to go back to sleep.  Sleep is her only hope out of the drudgery.

Is that a happy post?  No, it isn't and many Christians honestly don't want to hear it.  They don't want to think about it and somehow think that if they don't think about it, then it isn't real and they aren't responsible. The fact is that this is REALITY to children every day, especially children where Gabby lives.

I truly believe that God speaks to them and gives them hope somehow.  Otherwise, I don't even know how they could survive.  If He fed people in the Bible with food falling from the sky or delivered by birds, then surely we can believe He speaks to the souls of His children.  I believe that God gives them HOPE, but it is our job to make it a reality.  He has already told us what to do!!!  He didn't say "Maybe if you feel 'called' then you should care about the poor and the orphans".  He never said He's send us some special invitation or command!!!  What are Christians waiting for?????  I understand that not every Christian is able to adopt, but we can all do SOMETHING!  If you don't think you are "called" or "suppose to", then WHY???  What makes you feel that you aren't?  Is it because there is a real reason that you can't or because it is difficult, hard, expensive, and uncomfortable????

Do you think life is difficult, hard, and uncomfortable for Gabby?

HELP HER PLEASE!!  She is waiting.  Will you be the one to stand before God some day and say, "I didn't think you meant for ME to go for Gabby"?  Please help her while God still is giving us opportunity!!!!

THIS LINK can be clicked to learn more about Gabby or you can email Shelley at

Thursday, May 17, 2012


If you all could please pray that we get a court date soon and that it is a quick date with a good adoption friendly judge, we would greatly appreciate it.  We are so close and I want to hold my little ones so badly.  I can't bear to think of where Keith is and what is happening there.  I don't feel much better about where Nicholas is.  The girls are in better places, but still need to come home.  I want to get Aleshia's hips checked by a good specialist and find out what is going on.  Ahnja and Anita need to see that Daddy was telling the truth and that Mommy is coming for them.

We are so ready for this to be over and them to be home.  Please pray!  Pray for them as they wait and for a smooth quick process!

If you'd like to see a little more of what we have been into here and a new product that I'm crazy about, hop on over to the family blog.

Now for your viewing pleasure (and because I want to hold them so badly):

Yes, they really are that cute!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Gift This Morning

I got an email this morning to let us know that our paperwork will be headed to court either today or tomorrow!  That is such an answer to prayer!  God is amazing!

Please pray that we get an adoption friendly/large family friendly judge and pray that we get a very fast court date!

Destiny (if you haven't read the previous post then go do so) said ""Well Praise God. I knew He would give us this miracle"!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Destiny is "Concerned"

Destiny turned 9 years old today.  Destiny has very high functioning Autism and is so bright and cheery (well unless she is mad or not wanting to put away clothes or finish up a journal!  lol).

This morning, Destiny was all dressed in a new hot pink dress for church.  It had wide straps at the shoulder.  It was not really low cut by any means, but it didn't have as high of a neckline as we often wear and was more square cut in the neck.  She looked BEAUTIFUL!

She was pulling at the neckline and I asked her what was wrong.  She laid her hand just below the typical neckline.  She said "this part of me is showing".  I said "Yes, but it is ok because it doesn't go down TOO low" and showed her where too low would be.  Then I said "I'm glad you are CONCERNED about making sure that too much isn't showing though"!

Destiny said "I'm really concerned about the paperwork that needs signed for our adoption".

That just says it all.

It consumes all of our thoughts so much of the time.

Destiny on her birthday, looking beautiful, talking about something totally different, and worried about her neckline, but still THAT is what is on her little mind.

We are all so ready to bring Keith, Aleshia, Anita, Nicholas, and Ahnja home.

Please pray that this is the week of good news!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why My Heart Breaks On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is tough when you have kids alone, hungry, and neglected somewhere where you can't reach them.  Its hard when they are just in a foster home where you can't touch them, like Cody was last year.  It is MUCH harder when they aren't safe or loved.

But my sadness is nothing in comparison with theirs.  See Ahnja and Anita go to school, so they probably know what a Mommy is and that they don't have one yet.  Keith, Aleshia, and Nicholas likely don't even have a clue what a Mommy is!  All they know is that life stinks when you don't have one, but they don't even know that life isn't what it should be or that it could be any better.  They are miserable, but they know no different life.  They are alone, but they don't know it isn't normal to be that way.  

Their life is about to change though!!!  They are ALREADY LOVED!  

The children whose pictures you see below are in much worse condition.  They have NO HOPE unless someone decides to love them and go the extra mile for them.  They have no hope unless someone goes to them and brings them out of that loneliness.  Can you imagine no family to give you a hug when things are rough?  No Mommy to comfort you when you are sick or get you popsicles???  No Mommy to celebrate Mother's Day or any other holiday with?  No family to ever celebrate you????  

We as mothers are adults and we enjoy a day of being celebrated.  These children below will never know what it is like for anyone to celebrate them unless YOU do something.  The word "love" in their language is likely not something that they have ever heard!!!  Please use this day to help someone see that they should be the "Mother" that one of the children below is celebrating next "Mother's Day"!

Click on the pictures below to learn more about these waiting children!


So this Mother's Day while you are celebrating your Mother or being celebrated for being a Mother, PLEASE REMEMBER THOSE WHO HAVE NO MOTHER!  These are just sweet little kids, who are likely all alone in their cribs today.  What can you do to make sure that they are in a different situation next Mother's Day???  Are one of these children yours????  Could you at least share this post on your Facebook, so that more people will see it?  Even if only one of your friends does the same, then it could get their faces in front of a whole different group of people, one of which will say "Yes, that is my son/daughter"!    Look at all their faces.  Some are smiling, some are crying, some look mischievous, some look curious, and some look like they've given up hope because no one has ever cared.  Please help give them all hope and LOVE!