Saturday, February 25, 2012

Waiting Children Post #3

For today's post I thought I'd feature children like Aleshia.  Children who are often overlooked because of thoughts that they are "lower functioning" or still not mobile, just like the sweet little girl you've watched begin to blossom this past week.

There are so many on Reece's Rainbow that I can't even begin to do them all justice, but here are a few.

Milena is SERIOUS need of an adoptive family.  She is 3 years old and only weighs 11 pounds.  She cannot eat by mouth.  She has some other diagnoses that you can find out more about on her link.  She is seriously delayed, but needs a family badly!

Tiny Ruth is in serious need of a family.  She has a hip problem, probably similar to Aleshia's but she is younger so more likely to have a good result with therapy or correction.  She is listed as having malnutrition, Down Syndrome, a possible chromosome deletion, and a heart issue.  She needs a family and has over $840 to help with her adoption.  She is only a year old and needs to come home!!

Brent has already been transferred to the institution (Just like our Aleshia).  He was considered to be lower functioning than some of the other kids with Down Syndrome in his orphanage.  He was noted to be healthy and is 6 years old.  I just wonder how "high functioning" would we all be if no one really loved us and spent time with us????  He needs a family and has a grant of over $3,200 to help with his adoption. 

Lilly is also much like Aleshia.  She is not mobile and does not speak.  She has been overlooked and waited for way too long.  She needs to see a cardiologist once she is home.  She has a grant of over $6,500 to help with her adoption.  Could you please be her Mama?  Those eyes are pleading just like Aleshia's and they break my heart!

Sasha is almost 8 years old and severely delayed.  He is in desperate need of a family.  His grant is $266.50 right now, so even if you can't be his Mommy you could donate to help him find a family more easily!  There are questions about if he may have autism or CP, just as there were with Aleshia.  More than anything though, he just needs love.  He will be bedridden in some institution soon if he isn't already and most definitely won't get the blessing that Aleshia did (her blessing of a good institution is rare).


Drew's write up sounds so much like Aleshia's did.  He is able to stand and sit independently, which Aleshia is not able to do right now.  He needs a family badly as he is in an institution and bedridden now.  He will be 8 years old in April.

Stacy is already bedridden in an institution.  This could be a picture of our Aleshia if she had been transferred to a different institution.  This little girl needs a family SO BADLY!  She is in a region that allows older parents and larger families to adopt.  Her grant is over $3,700 and she needs YOU to help her!

Robyn has likely already been transferred to an institution.  She is 5 years old and has a grant of over $4,800 to help with her adoption.  Could you be her family?


Sweet Megan is already transferred to an institution.  She needs a family badly.  She is only 6 years old ( a few months older than Aleshia and younger than Anita).  Her grant is over $23,000!  The financial burden of her adoption has been alleviated almost entirely!  Someone go get her out of there!

Sweet Jolene needs a family.  Little is known, except that she has a healthy heart.  She will be 7 years old soon.  Could you be her family?

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More ways you can help orphans can be found in this post.


  1. Milena is on the My family found me list this morning!

    1. That is so exciting! :) She is such a beautiful little girl who needs a family so badly!

  2. I was going to say the same thing. Milena is being adopted by a family in oregon who heard about RR through another family adopting from RR (i talk to them on fb) So awesome to see this little ones being taken home. Megan weighs on my heart so heavily. if we weren't in the middle of an adoption I would try and go get her. I don't know if we qualify though.

    Praying my heart out that someone gets her. And all these precious children. Let's save them child at a time!

  3. Just catching up with your blog. I had to do a double take and make sure that Aleisha is Paula??? WOW!!! She is beautiful!!!!! AND responsive!!!! and I cannot wait to follow along and see just what all Aleisha will do when she is home with you all. I cried when I saw the video of her turning the pages of the book...I am just amazed at her!!! Praise the Lord!!! I know God is going to BLESS your family!!!

    1. God is amazing and He has given us an amazing daughter in Aleshia. :) I can't wait to get her home. :)