Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ahnja Day #2

Ahnja is going to be so much fun.  She is so verbal, opinionated, and STUBBORN!  I love that the extra chromosome gives them that little extra stubborness!!  She is going to learn so much and so fast.  She is going to have a blast with her brothers and sisters when she gets home and she is SO tickled to have a Mommy and Daddy. 

Today on our Skype call she first wanted me to kiss her!  :) 

Then she was talking about how her Mommy was very "small".  I couldn't help but laugh!  She is thinking "Ok, so I waited over 9 years for a Mommy and Daddy.  Now my Daddy gets here and he talks funny and we can't understand each other.  Then I meet Mommy and she is the size of a PHONE!".    Poor girl is so excited though!

Imagine her surprise when I come to get her and I am normal size!!  Then imagine her surprise when Daddy will have shrunk to the size of a phone!!!  Poor girl doesn't understand technology.  Actually I don't understand how that works either!! 

Now for the pictures and videos!

 Ahnja got her Valentine's chocolate today!

Daddy took chocolate for the other kids in the group home today and Ahnja passed it all out to them gladly.  She is such a smart and sweet girl!
She was also was thrilled that Brent brought coloring books, markers, crayons, colored pencils, drawing paper, and puzzles.  These were the things that the group home staff said they needed and the kids were thrilled.  Here is a vide of Ahnja finding the new stuff!
This video is HYSTERICAL!  She is letting Brent know that she can do one of the new puzzles just great!!  She tells him at one point "You are not going to teach me!" in Bulgarian.  You have to listen close to hear the interpretor telling what she is saying.  It is so funny though! 

I can't wait to go get her!  She is in a good place though as far as those places go.  That makes it easier.  She is in good health and very bright!


  1. Iknow who is going to be running your house in a few months.


  2. This video sure made my night! What a good sport Brent is! I think this little one is a very smart cookie!!

  3. I'm absolutely loving her personality, you can tell she's going to be a hand full and so much fun!

  4. Thanks ladies. :) Brent is a very well trained Daddy! He had Julianne to teach him exactly how to treat a Chromosomally Enhanced Princess. In short you - DO WHAT SHE SIGNALS! lol