Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aleshia's Bag for Trip #1

Aleshia is a few months older than Julianne and also 5 years old.  Aleshia is not able to currently do the same things as Julianne though.  She is unresponsive and requires assistance to roll over even.  Who knows what God has in store for my beautiful girl!  Maybe it will be to show huge improvements and overcome the obstacles and rough start she has had.  Maybe it will be that God plans for us to love her and never get a response.  Either way we are going to be so blessed to have her here with us soon!

Here is her bag of things:

Aleshia's Snacks

Aleshia's Crib Toys

Aleshia's things to do that won't attach to her crib

Her bag is pretty full.  We wanted to be sure and take plenty of things that Brent can leave attached to her crib.  For a child who is not mobile in an institution, a bad is there nearly constant place to be.  We don't know about this specific institution, but we do know that with it being winter where she can't be "wheeled" outdoors, it is likely that she is spending most of her time in the crib.  We want to make it as bright and cheery as we can for her while she waits for Mommy to come for her.  The toys in her bag light up, sing, play music, vibrate, and rattle.  I'm not going to go through each one individually, because I honestly don't even know what to call some of them. 

She also has all of her snacks for the week (most likely unless Brent learns something else while he is there) in that bag.  He should have 5 morning visits with her during that week, so there are 5 containers of the fruit puree.  He should have 4 afternoon visits with her, so there are 4 package of fruit and yogurt snacks that melt in the child's mouth.  There is a fruit stick in there in case they were to say that she chews, but none of our info up until now has lead us to believe that she would chew anything.

Brent will be visiting with her the 3rd week that he is there.  I will let you know how it goes when the time finally arrives!

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  1. It will be so great to see her again through your blog. I like her new name, by the way! I just am really excited that she will soon meet her Daddy.
    Joy McClain