Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nicholas Day #4 - Trying to Communicate More

Nicholas is just adorable.  Skyping with him is hillarious.  If you know our "younger boys", then you know that this little boy was meant to be an Unroe!  He will fit in too well.  haha

I have company on the way and I'm going to just go straight to the pictures and videos, so that I'm not late tonight putting the up while people wait to see my little cutie!

I'm sure you've noticed that he is in the same sweater as Day #1 (well if you're half as obsessive as I am) and that he is MUCH more comfortable.  :)

Sorry there is only one video today.  The caregiver is in the middle of them and I've made a point not to show their faces.  Hopefully we'll be back to the caregiver who just watches tomorrow.  lol

Brent gets one visit with him tomorrow and then Brent will leave for home on Saturday morning. 
We miss Brent terribly, but also hate that Nicholas ( and each of the other 4) will no longer have a Daddy somewhere in their country loving them.
They will all have an entire family in this country loving them and longing to bring them home!
Once Brent is back, we can submit the I800 to the USCIS and start the 2nd part of the process to bring them home!


  1. I would just like to say God bless you, bless you, bless you,bless you, bless you. What an honor and inspiration to read about your family and your willingness to adopt all these precious children, and all the others you have already adopted, amazing! I have been trying to advocate and raise funds for some of the children on reeces rainbow. I would love to adopt some of these children, please pray for my husband and I to be open to Gods will for our lives. We live in Republic Ohio, I was hoping Proctorville was closer so I could visit you sometime. I am praying for you. Diana Tyree

  2. We truly are so blessed. :) I will be praying about your husband. I have no idea where "Republic" is in OH. lol My email is Get in touch with me. :)