Friday, February 17, 2012

A Chance to Get Gifts for Helping in 3 Ways

Right now we need to do three things.  The first is that right now is the most crucial time for people to "see" our blog and "meet" our kids.  This is a chance for people to see what the waiting children are really like!  It is a time when they can put  a real person to the pictures we all see on Reece's Rainbow.  They can see the difference that care can make when decent care is provided.  Ahnja and Anita are well cared for in their situations in comparison with many and look at how well they are doing, yet they still NEED and LONG for parents. 

The second thing is that any donations would be very helpful right now.  Our next trip will be VERY expensive in plane tickets.  We will have to have 3 adults with round trip tickets and 5 children with one way tickets.  We will be there 10 days, but the lodging and food is not expensive at all in comparison with the amount for the plane tickets.  We will be going in early summer likely and the tickets get much more expensive once you get out of the cold weather.  We had hoped for trip #2 to be right now and we were so discouraged when things were delayed, but we know now that the early delays were so we could bring tiny Keith out of his place and into a safe loving home where we can spoil him!  God works that way!  We are praying that due to Keith's very small size and his kidney issues, we will be granted an expedited process in getting him home and medical care that can be ongoing to take care of his kidneys and help him begin to grow.  It is impossible to describe how badly he needs to get home, but I am begging for your prayers.  You can donate to our adoption costs by clicking "Here" and using our Reece's Rainbow Family Sponsorship Page.

The third thing is to share the word about individual waiting children.  Post them on blogs, Facebook, and spread the word!

So there will be three ways to win prizes. 
  • Get one chance for each share on Facebook or your blogs about our giveaway for this adoption - time each per day.
  • Get 3 times in the drawings for each $10 donation or 6 times in the drawing for each $15 donation or 10 times in the drawing for each $20 donation to our FSP on Reece's Rainbow.  Donations through Reece's Rainbow are tax deductible as well.  :)   
  • Share the kids profiles that I list on the weekends and get one time in the drawing for each post, 1 time each per day.

* I can get a list of who donates and how much through Reece's Rainbow, but you will need to comment on the "gift post"  to tell how you want your times distributed between the multiple gifts available.  If you post of FB or on your blog you will need to leave me a comment letting me know and letting me know what you want to be put in for. If we are FB friends then you may also message me through there with how you want your chances in the drawing used. 
We will draw for the gifts on March 5th.  That will make it last for the rest of Brent's trip.  Please know that we appreciate any donations and also any advocacy that you can help us with.  There are MANY children waiting that need families just like the 5 blessings we are bringing home.  The more people that realize that, the better the odds of the other children finding families.  I am also going to start trying to showcase a few waiting children every Saturday and hopefully Sunday if I can at all manage.  These are real children with real faces and real feelings and real need.  Thank you for any help that you can offer to them or the process of bringing our 5 home.  If everyone does something, then we can all be a part of God's big plan!

Disclaimer - I have never done a fundraiser or giveaway, so please excuse the fact that I have no clue what I'm doing on this.  lol  I am the mom that use to buy what I had to rather than sell stuff when my kids were in public school.  I'm not good at selling things, asking for things, or anything like that.  I do know that we enjoy being a part of children's grant funds, praying for children waiting for families, and helping to see children in families, so this is your opportunity to be blessed as well.  :)

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