Friday, February 17, 2012

Last Day with Ahnja - It was a hard one

Today was Bren't last visit with Ahnja.  :(  It was the toughest visit and not just because of saying "Goodbye", though that was very hard as well. 

There are no videos today, but some very cute pictures.  The other children were not controlled at all today and they couldn't film with the other children getting into the video.  :(

I did get to Skype with her this morning.  I am guessing that my text to Brent afterward asking if they would allow us to have an address to send things to her is what spawned some of the hard info.  Ahnja doesn't "live" there normally except for on weekends.  She goes to a "boarding school" to live Monday through Friday because of her difficulties with speech Brent was told.  :(

Then the staff that was there today told Ahnja that "WE" are the ones who left her at the orphanage and that it was because we didn't have money then, but that we do now and were coming back for her!!!  GRRR!!!!  Brent and the interpretor took Ahnja to the side to try to explain, but who knows if she understood that "WE" aren't the ones who left her to begin with.  I've tried to ponder this today.  WHY?????  That staff can't possibly think we are from Bulgaria - Brent has to have someone interpret everything for him.  So WHY????  All I am able to come up with is that in that staff person's head she didn't want Ahnja to think she will be "adopted".  Maybe that person still thinks of things in the way that Americans did for years - it is better to lie to the child than to tell them that you aren't their birthparents.  ?????  I don't know. 

I surely don't want Ahnja to think that we ever left her, but then today Brent did have to leave her.  She kept running after him to give him another hug.  :(  Poor girl.  We are coming back for you as soon as we can. 

Here is a picture that she made for us that has the Bulgarian words Mommy and Daddy on it:

If you'd like to help with bringing the kids home by donating or two other great ways to help orphans and have a chance of receiving some cool gifts, then click "Here".

My heart breaks that we have to leave them all there.  "We love you" and "See you in a few months" don't seem to go together.  :(  I do believe though that Ahnja and Anita are in much better situations than our tiny Keith and they are both said to be in good health, so I'm trying not to fret in the same fashion as I am over Keith.  I'm not sure a Mama's heart can bear to fret that way at all,
let alone times 5!

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  1. I don't know why the orphanage workers would tell her such a thing. Of course you wouldn't want her to think that! Praying you can get her soon!