Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ahnja Day #3

I Skyped with Ahnja again this morning.  She was of course needing a "kiss" first off!  :)  She is always very anxious to see what Daddy has in his bag for her too.  She is expecting him now which worries me some.   She said today "He'll be back tomorrow."  That is very true, but he only has 2 visits with her left.  :( 

Here are the pictures and videos that you really come for:

 Daddy brought play doh today, which she loved! 
Have you ever seen such a LONG tongue?  I have, because Julianne has one that long too! 
 Daddy wrote her an "I Love You" message, but the "I" was gone before the picture.  :)

She loves to do all kinds of activities and the drawing board is something she loves as well.  :)

Ahnja is funny about what she thinks is made out of the play doh in this one!

Ahnja is "very strong" in this video!

In this video Ahnja is once again bossing around Daddy.  lol
Miss Ahnja is definitely going to fit in great as she enters our family! 
I can't wait to see her here running around! 


  1. I know I said it on yesterday's but I just absolutely love how her personality just shines through!!!