Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fundraisers Coming Up

We have been contemplating doing a fundraiser.  Many families do a lot of fundraising in order to make these very expensive adoptions happen.  We haven't done any for a couple reasons.  Number one, we have been able to save, save, save, and then save some more in order to pay for all of our costs through the dossier.  Number two, some of the kids had some grant funds that we knew would help as well.  Number three, we figured that most people think we are insane and wouldn't want to contribute to our delinquency. 

We have recently been thinking it would be a good thing for a couple reasons.  The first reason is that with our timeline continuing to be pushed back, we will be travelling in the peak of airline tickets.  The tickets will likely be double what they are right now.  We will be buying at likely 3 adult round trip tickets and 5 one way tickets for the children.  That is going to be VERY expensive at the peak of ticket prices.  The second reason is that it truly is a blessing to get to be a part of bringing home children.  We've been able to donate to several children's grants and help with some families' processes in the past.  It is always a huge blessing to watch children come home and know that you had some part of making it happen.  Not everyone is in a position to adopt, but everyone can do SOMETHING.  For some that means donating, or advocating for waiting children, or sending up lots of prayer for families to step out or processes to move quickly, but whatever the part that we each play it is all important.  A fundraiser would give other people the incentive to know that they can be a part of bringing 5 children out of the places they are now stuck in and into a family where they will be adored.

We have been approached by a group that does fundraisers specifically for children from where Keith is located.  They are planning to hold an online auction for our family to help in bringing home Keith the first week of April.  If anyone has anything that they would like to donate to that fundraiser then let me know and I can direct you to the people doing it.  They LOVE homemade items.  Quilts, gift certificates for etsy stores, household items, bows, or anything else that you are skilled at doing is greatly appreciated.  I am trying to get a children's afghan done, but it is slow going while home as the only parent with 13 kids.  I am determined to do at least one though!

I am also probably going to do some type of small fundraiser through the blog coming up.  It will give me something to do to help with their adoption while Brent is away and visiting with them.  I am trying to pull one together, but it isn't easy with the demands of homeschooling while being a single parent to this crew.  lol  Keep an eye out though!  I know my kids are looking for some way to help and I'm hoping to find a way to incorporate them into these fundraisers.  They would feel so good to know that they helped raise money for their siblings "ransom".  :)

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