Monday, February 13, 2012

Visit #1 with Anita (edited with another video)

Brent visited with Anita this morning.  I was able to Skype in and see her cute little self fairly well since the signal was good.  She is very active and sweet.  She is even cuter than her photos.  :)  She is so much like Julianne in her love for music and not too many words yet like Julianne as well. 

You will probably notice that she always goes back to the picture album.  I think there are a couple reasons.  First, I think that like Julianne, she understands EVERYTHING (being said in Bulgarian at least) and is very interested in all of it.  Second, I think it is likely that she has never seen her own picture and she has to realize how cute she is in that first picture!! 

I can't wait to get my hands on her!  She is going to be so much fun.  She is about 3 inches taller than Julianne and about 7 or so pounds heavier!  I foresee lots of matching outfits, lots of music, and lots of fun!  I keep reminding myself that while Brent is getting to hold them first, I will get to go get them and have 10 days over there before I have to bring them home to share!  :)


  1. Yes, she loved that picture book! She seems to be a sweety. I loved how she was imitating Brent with the finger motions to the little song.

  2. Oh she is precious! You can tell people have really worked with her!

  3. Love the way she loved her picture book! awesome!