Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post #1 on the Kids Who Are Waiting

Today is my first time featuring the waiting children.  Please share these waiting kids on your blogs or Facebook to give them more chances to be seen.  You can also enter our GIVEAWAY by sharing.  These are kids just like the ones you've been watching for two weeks on our blog!  They are kids who just need a family to love them.  They wait. 

Why do they wait?  These children wait . . . because they are BOYS! 

Yes, you heard me right.  Most of the families who are adopting choose girls.  I've heard of times when little boys with Down Syndrome are waiting and age 4 or 5, while they are families waiting in line for GIRLS with the same exact needs. 

The little boys listed below are waiting not as much because of their listed special needs often times, as by the fact that they are boys. 


The little boy above is named Denny on Reeces Rainbow.  He is 5 years old (the same name as Aleshia that Brent will be visiting this coming week), has Down Syndrome, and is physically healthy!  All he needs is a family!   There are 15 photos and a video available of him!

The little boy above is Preston on Reece's Rainbow.  He has Down Syndrome and is 6 years old.  His grant is over $15,000 to help with his adoption!  He needs a family.  He is our Anita's age.

This little boy is Alexander on Reece's Rainbow.  He has Down Syndrome and is just a couple months from 7 years old.  His grant is over $8,200.  He needs a family!  (More photos are available)

This little boy is Jason on Reece's Rainbow.  He has Down Syndrome and just turned 5 years old.  He needs a family and has a grant of over $3,700 toward his adoption!


This little cutie is 5 years old and his name is Mikale on Reece's Rainbow.  He doesn't have a diagnosis other than "delays".  All children in orphanages have that!!  What a cutie he is and he needs a family!

This is Drake and he is a cutie!  He was diagnosed with Freeman- Sholden Syndrome shortly after birth.  He is making huge strides in his development and is considered healthy right now.  He is only 3 years old and there are photos and a video available!  Could you give this smiling boy a family?

This little boy is 5 years old and his name is Jamison.  He has a heart issue that means that he can't have needed surgeries for his other issues in his country.  You can read more about his needs by going to the link, but he really needs a family!

This little boy is named Bowden and he is only 3 years old.  He has hydrocephalus (my son Cody has that as well).  He needs a family and maybe a surgery to correct the allignment of his eye. 

Please remember that you can have entries into our GIVEWAY for sharing these waiting children on your blog or Facebook.  You can share the link to this post which will let everyone see all of them.  This is your chance to put their names out there and let people see their faces.  Even if someone you know isn't their family, it could be someone that your friend knows and your friend chooses to share too!


  1. Some of us do want boys because we already have them and value them. Though I would love to have a girl I also really, really want Arnold on RR who is transferring this summer!I will post these boys pictures on facebook also.

  2. This is why we are adopting a little boy from Bulgaria!! My heart sings for sons and we already have a daughter. It is sad to see many boys wait while families look for a girl. Several social workers have told me that roughly 2/3 of families request girls. Why not request the needs you are willing to consider and be open - God may bless you with a son! Thank you for sharing this!