Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giveaway Winners!!!

So sorry this is late!!!!! 


Prize #1  winner is Jeffrey Musk

Prize #2  winner is Layna Halstead

Prize #3  winner is Rebecca Gentile

Prize #4  winner is Jeffrey Musk

Prize #5  winner is Katie Opitz

Prize #6  winner is Katie Beth

Prize #7  winner is Katie Opitz

Prize #8  winner is Katie Opitz

Prize #9  winner is Megan Stephans

Prize #10  winner is Christina Scott

I will be notifying all winners by the emails that I have for them as well.  Since I am late getting these posted, I am giving all winners until May 10th to get back to me with their addresses.  You can all go click HERE to see a reminder of what each of the prizes is.  :) 

Don't forget to look on the sidebar to see what other ways are listed that you can help bring the kids home.  Right now there is a link for an "Ipad Giveaway" and our Family Sponsorship Page.  We appreciate your help so very much!! 

That is what is going on here online and then I'm getting ready for a Yard Sale that will take place this Saturday here at home.  We've done so many auctions and such that we don't have a tremendous amount of stuff to sale, but every little bit helps! 

We had hoped to have our travel date by now, but we are waiting on one signature that we need to get that date.  We won't know anything now until after May 6th, because our children's country is having a holiday right now that has the government off until then.  Please pray that we get that signature quickly once they return and a quick travel date!!