Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aleshia Day #2 - Blossoming!

Our sweet girl is changing by the minute.  It is amazing what love and attention can do for a child.  She is changing and even the staff are noticing that she has changed even since yesterday.  She has so much potential, is so beautiful, and is going to be home soon where I can spoil her silly!

Here are some pictures and videos

Can you tell she's enjoying time with Daddy (and he with her)?

See that smile!  They are hard to get on camera, but Daddy got several of them today!

This is the video where they are bringing her to Daddy.  Even they are surprised by how she is changing and you can hear it!
Daddy is requesting a smile and she gives him a little one!
She is enjoying this vibrating toy and is trying to hold on.

Look at the princess enjoying her book I recorded! 
Notice that SHE is turning the pages part of the time!

She is nothing like we were told.  We likely have some "hip" issues that will require surgery once she is home, but otherwise she is doing GREAT.  The institution where she is has a nice director who really does care about the kids and it SHOWS.  At most institutions, Aleshia would have been a "bedridden" child who would have never been out of her crib.  At this place she is up in a wheelchair (and not just because her Daddy is there because he's seen other little ones in wheelchairs as well) and they care.  Believe me it isn't at all like "home" and there isn't time for "cuddling" and working on developmental stuff as we will at home.  It is at least some place that we can know she is safe and fed and out of bed.  I wish I could say that about our tiny Keith.  I worry about him ever minute of every day.  We are so thankful that God has shown us that Aleshia is ok.  She was overlooked for so long because she wasn't mobile on her listing and wasn't "developing" skills.  Yet, she is going to be a huge blessing to watch bloom into the miraculous princess that God intended her to be. 

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By the way, don't underestimate or overlook the kids that look further behind or more needy! 
Our little Aleshia is going to show everyone what she can do soon!


  1. She is beautiful! I have been waiting to follow your story. I just knew she was going to do better than expected! :)

  2. She is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see her home and thriving :)

  3. Amanda, she's beautiful! I know you can't wait until you have your turn to love on her!

  4. This continues to be great news, Amanda!

    I did get hold of my friend and she said they CAN copy the disks with pictures of Abby!! Hopefully, your husband will get them before he leaves.

  5. She looks wonderful! She looks like she is doing really well. It is so great to see the videos and hear the patient, loving encouragement she gets from her Daddy!