Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Keith Day #2

There won't be as many pictures and videos probably, since Brent doesn't have a facilitator in the room with him to take pictures.  All of the pictures and videos will probably be of the time that Keith wants to be "out of arms" from here out and none with Brent holding him. 

He is still LOVING to be held.  He reached for Brent 3 times without Brent reaching for him first today.  (That may have just been during the morning visit and not included visit #2 of the day).  He was very lively during the early visit today.  He was a little sleepy during the afternoon visit because he was just waking up from a nap. 

He takes a bottle that they say is "pureed", but it is very liquidy.  He will not allow Brent to put anything else in his mouth.  I had Brent attempt to put some of the pureed fruit on his finger and try to get a taste in Keith's mouth, but Keith will not allow it that way either.  He takes his bottle VERY quickly.  Please pray that he will let Brent at least give him a taste.  When I go to get him, I will need to be able to keep him hydrated and get some calories in him.  The only thing he has likely ever had is that sludgy bottle.  I would feel so relieved if he would at least allow himself to "taste" the fruit taste!

Ok so here is Keith enjoying his new crib mirror:
Here is Keith sucking his thumb (which is just so cute!):
Here is a video of Keith doing "yes" and "no".  Brent is laughing because in Bulgarian "nodding" is "no" and shaking your head "side to side" is "yes".  lol

Here is a picture of my little cutie close up:
He can't sit up independently, but he does "ok" sitting propped in the corner of the crib:
I love this video of him giggling.  When Brent tried to tickle him to get a laugh yesterday, there wasn't much response to that.  I guess Brent has earned the right to hear it today and share it with us. 

I can't wait until those giggles are echoing through our home! 


  1. I am LOVING the new pics and videos!!! The progress in one day is astounding! He is going to just thrive when he gets home and I can't wait!!!!!!!!

  2. He is a doll! Thank you for sharing! (((HUGS)))

  3. You gotta love that giggle! How precious!

  4. You don't know me but I found your blog through RR and wanted to first say congratulations on your newest additions! I love following these stories and praying for all the families going through this stressful but all too rewarding journey. I have followed alot of the blogs from RR and am now familiar with a lot of the kids from Keith's orphanage, so it really warmed my heart seeing how well Keith was responding to his new daddy. I was wondering if he had a baba because I know some children from that orphanage are part of that program. I thought maybe that helped with him being comfortable with touch. It breaks my heart how tiny he is but I know after he gets home and can get proper love and nutrition that will change! I will pray that Keith will at least try some different food while daddy is there. I want you to know that the love you feel for all 5 of your new children is very evident even to someone who only reads from afar. I can tell what good people you are and I wish nothing but the best for you all! Thank you for sharing your journey and I look forward to following thru Gotcha day and beyond! Praying for protection of all your kiddos and for your husband during his travels as well! Also for a speedy process to getting these kids HOME! God bless you all!


    Samantha Collins from Arizona

  5. He's such a little doll! I can't wait to see him home and safe! Will the caretakers allow the crib toys to stay with him after your husband leaves?