Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nicholas's Activity Bag

Well, if you read the previous post then you were probably expecting Nicholas to be next.  Brent won't visit him until the last week that he is there.  Nicholas is a few months younger than Ahnja, but he too is 9 years old.  From the reports we recently received we expect him to be quite a tiny guy.  He is the same height as Cody (our 5 year old here), but only 26 pounds (Cody weighs 43 pounds at that height).  My tiny little guy will be home soon though.

Here is his bag of things for Brent to do with him.

Here are the things that are in the bag for Brent to play with him with.
Here are the snacks that I have in there, plus Brent will pick up
cookies, juice boxes, crackers, etc once he gets there.

What is in Nicholas's bag:
  • 2 pair of sunglasses (boys like to see themselves in those too)
  • a school bus that you push forward and then the wheels make it go fast (we'll see how fast he catches on and all boys love cars and trucks, etc)
  • a race car that you push forward and then the wheels make it go fast
  • a ball that lights up and is a strange texture, plus it bounces (lots of sensory input on that one)
  • a Chinese yo-yo
  • a magic screen writer (cause and effect and maybe he'll show Brent that he knows how to write a little who knows)
  • Spiderman stickers (They will work good on the magic marker paper too)
  • 3 matchbox cars
  • a slinky
  • a sound tube (hopefully he'll be entertained and show some cause and effect thinking)
  • 2 fruit chew sticks
  • 3 packages of fruit snacks
Brent will be picking up more snacks (juice boxes, cookies, crackers, fruit, etc) once he is there.  We have some other things packed as well.  There is a gorilla that makes noise when you squeeze it.  There is also a camera with sounds that is great for the toddler age that might be appropriate.  There is a "Sing a ma jig" (I think that is what it is called, but it sings when you push its stomach) as well. 

Nicholas's visit isn't until the last week, so it will be a while before I can let you know how well we planned for Nicholas!

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