Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today is Ahnja and Keith's birthdays. 

Today Ahnja has her 10th birthday without a family. 

Today Keith has his 5th birthday without a family.

For today's waiting kids I decided to link you to other children waiting who have birthdays in April. All of these kids will celebrate another birthday without a family this month too.  YOU CAN MAKE IT THEIR LAST BIRTHDAY ALONE AS WELL!!! 

Please pray for Keith and Ahnja today.  My heart is broken thinking about them both there.  Ahnja is at least "ok" while she waits.  She likely doesn't understand why she was told she has a family and then they left her. 

Keith on the other hand is not "ok".  He is laying alone, in an isolation room, in a wet/dirty diaper, and hungry.  Please pray that God makes someone feel for him today and change his diaper and feed him.

Please pray for my sweet boy and my feisty girl.

The Hidden Treasure Auction is up and running today.  There are so many great items from wonderful thought donors.  Please go check them out and see what you might like to purchase with the proceeds going to help bring home Keith and the other kids.  :)   Its a great way to celebrate Keith's birthday today since the auction is in honor of him and to help bring him home.  :)

Mulligan Stew Giveaway - THANK YOU!!!

I wanted to send a special thank you out to everyone who was a part of the Mulligan Stew Giveaway.  In all that has raised $44,751.16 for everyone involved  - and that is just the last that I heard!! 

Our family received over $4,700 in donations during the giveaway!!!!  That is huge!!!!  God did amazing things for so many people and gave so much encouragement!

Here is my thank you that I asked Julia to share and that I thought I'd share with you here:

"Sunday, April 1st is the birthday for Keith and Ahnja. It is another birthday missed (for Ahnja her 10th!) for us and them. My heart is bleeding this weekend so horribly bad. I know that Keith is in a place where weekends mean little to no care at all. I HATE WEEKENDS! I dread weekends to the point that I feel ill on Fridays. I hate to think of where he is and him laying there all alone. Keith will be turning 5 and will be totally uncelebrated, unnoticed, and uncared for there. Here we are longing to love him and show him what life should be like. Please say a special prayer for him today. Pray that he gets a bottle and that they change his diaper today. Oh how my heart breaks!
You all have no idea what an encouragement you have been to us. The devil has been thumping on us for weeks. I was sure we would be the ones who messed up the fundraiser by not meeting the goal of $2,000. It was Friday and I was ready to bury my head in the sand. Right about then the numbers started to change quickly and emails came that encouraged me more than you can ever understand. I told Julia that she might have to come to Ohio and pick my chin up because I was in utter disbelief.
You very much have helped us with the cost of the adoption, but you helped us with so very much more. What was raised through this will pay for 1 adult and 2 kids' tickets! That is HUGE! We have 3 adults and 5 kids tickets to purchase at the time of year that the ticket prices are the highest. The awesomeness (is that a word?) of what you all have done for our family is HUGE in the financial sense, but the encouragement that you have given us was a God send!
THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH!! You helped us start celebrating Keith and how much he is loved. On his birthday the Hidden Treasures Auction begins and we will celebrate him again. Knowing that so many people care about our tiny little boy who has been forgotten and in isolation for so long is wonderful. There aren't words to thank you enough.
Love in Christ and so Thankful for How He's Used Each Of You,
Amanda Unroe"

Friday, March 30, 2012

Waiting Children Post #13

Ok, so today I am featuring the waiting children from the Mulligan Stew Giveaway. 

First of all there is HARMONY.  Her picture can't be posted here and will only be on the blog for Mulligan Stew for the rest of today!  Please go see her and tell everyone that you know about her!!!  She has a grant of over $1,300 available to help with her adoption. 

Second, is Laurel

She is turning 16 soon and will be past the age allowed for adoption.  That would mean the rest of her life spent in an institution without anyone to love her.  She has a grant of over $8,000 on Reece's Rainbow and another $3,000 grant available through her agency!!!  Someone please go get your daughter!!!

Ok, now sweet Hanson.

Hanson is one of the lost boys.  He is bedridden.  :(  He needs you to help him get out of there and show him what life is suppose to be like.  He is only 6 years old!!!  Someone go get him out of therer!!!!

Next up is poor tiny Heath

Heath has been living in the mental institution for several year already.  He will have his 11th birthday very soon.  :(  He needs someone to bring him out of there!!!!  Oh dear Lord, that could have been my Julianne there sitting alone and without one toy to play with!!!  His grant is over $5,600.  HELP!!

Jack in an 11 year old boy living with HIV.  He will be turned out on the streets when he reaches age 16 if no one chooses to love him before then.  :(  His grant is over $5,300!  Please could you be his family!

Emmitt is 14 years old.  He has less than 2 years to be taken home by his family or else he will live his entire life in a mental institution.  He's already been there way too long.  He is very intelligent.  His special need is Spina Bifida.  He would do so well in a family!

Igor has already been transferred to a mental institution.  He will remain bedridden for life unless YOU help him.  He is such a cute 7 year old!!!  Could this be YOUR little boy???

Victoria is a beautiful little girl who is currently bedridden in a mental institution.  :(  She needs a family or she will stay that way.  She is 9 years old.  Please Mama, is that you????

All of these kids need families badly!!!  Please share this.  Come back and let me know you did and I will add you into our Bulgarian Giveaway!    This is the last day for that giveaway as well as the Mulligan Stew Giveaway!!  Please share these kiddos!!!  I will draw the winner of the Bulgarian Giveaway on Tuesday.  That gives me time to get any other names from the Reece's Rainbow account.   :)

The Hidden Treasures Auction starts up tomorrow!!!  There are tons of great things to buy on that auction so don't forget to go check it out. Go check out THIS POST and see what my awesome kids did for the auction!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last 2 Days for the Stew and Maybe for My Sanity!

Well the Mulligan Stew is almost over.  If you haven't checked it out, then go over and make a quick donation.  Currently there is a challenge.  If all of the families from Keith's place reach the $2,000 donation goal, then two of the girls who are about to age out get $500 each toward their adoption grants.  We are one of the families who hasn't reached that goal yet.  :(  So if you'd like a chance for some awesome prizes then hop of over and make a donation to us, let Julia know so she can add you, and let me know so that I can send you a Thank You Picture and enter you in the Bulgarian Giveaway.  You can click on the "Mulligan Stew" button on the blog to take you there.  The donations are tax deductible and made to our Reece's Rainbow account. 

Now, as for my sanity.  If we don't get some very good USCIS news tomorrow I am going to lose my mind.  I know of families who didn't have a medical letter to expedite and filed at the same time we did and already have their USCIS completed.  We had a letter saying that Keith's life is in danger and asking for an expedite!!

Last I heard from Senator Portman's office our officer was saying she still didn't have the paperwork that should have arrived from the lockbox. 

Please pray that we get good news tomorrow.  Weekends are so horrible right now because I know Keith gets even less care on weekends.  Another weekend of waiting for that paperwork to move could do me in completely.  PLEASE PRAY HARD!!!

Pray Harder

I spoke received an email from our Senator's office.  Our USCIS officer is still saying she doesn't have the paperwork.  :( 

I know the officer was very ticked off at me for involving the Senator's office.  :(  Please pray that she doesn't purposely hold up our paperwork.  Pray that the paperwork lands on her desk today and it treated like a "hot potato" that she can't leave sitting there at all.  Please pray that everyone who touches that paperwork has a feeling of urgency come over them and they actually feel compassion for my sweet tiny boy. 

God tells us to pray and He wouldn't have us do it if it wasn't meaningful!  Prayer changes things!  Pray for Keith today and pray for the paperwork that needs to happen to bring him home!

Don't forget that all of THESE OPPORTUNITIES TO WIN PRIZES AND HELP end when the month ends!

There is a new post up on the family blog about another one of the joys I get to receive as the Mama of this crew.  The things that I was told the kids "couldn't" do and I get to watch them do are gifts straight from God.  You can go read that HERE!

Right now, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hoping for News Today

We are hoping to hear today that our paperwork arrives at the officer's desk today.  Please pray that it does arrive and she is able to process it quickly.  Our Senator's representative is in contact with them and will let me know once she hears something.  Our hope is that everything is in perfect order and it will pass quickly through.  My biggest fear is that they'll determine they need something additional that I'll have to try and get for them.  I'm praying that nothing was lost while it was being held hostage there.  I'm also praying that I checked all the right boxes and got all the documents properly filled out. 

One of the wonderful teen girls that loves our Keith so much made a prayer page for him.  Here is a link where you can sign up to pray for the homecoming of Keith, Aleshia, Anita, Nicholas, and Ahnja.

Keep those prayers heading up and I will keep you all posted! 

I'm trying to keep this blog with clear updates right now, so if you want to hear more of what I'm talking about otherwise then hop on over to our family blog.  Here is a link with my views on special needs and why Down Syndrome gets more voice from me. 

Thanks so much for all your support!

Don't forget to email me if you have donated to our adoption account or if you are donating to the Hidden Treasures Auction.  It is the last few days of the Mulligan Stew Giveaway with the ipad, kindles, and lots of other prizes.  It is also the last few days of our Bulgarian Giveaway.  All of those things are in THIS post as well as our email address.

Hoping and praying that I can update you with good news soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012

How the Day Got Better - Praise


I have to say that I was overwhelmed today with the prayers and kind words of so many.  I asked for prayer and boy could I feel it!  So many people sent messages, gave toward our FSP, and shared our need for prayer.  I truly was left with happy tears before it was all over with.  I could just feel the prayers going up and I have to believe that tiny Keith felt them today too!  

That warms my heart!  The little boy who has been so forgotten for so long is not forgotten.  The devil may have thought he would keep him there hidden, but he won't!  God has a hold on my tiny boy now!  There are lots of Christians praying and the devil doesn't have a fighting chance! 

We saw some movement today.  Our Senator's office has been told that our stuff will reach the next stop on Wednesday.  The letter about Keith's medical situation was forwarded by the wonderful lady who has been helping us to the USCIS officer.  I am trusting God is going to keep this thing moving and praising Him for the help we were able to get from Senator Portman's staff lady who has been so helpful and understanding.  God is on the move and your all's prayers are so appreciated!! 

I was pretty spent there for a while today.  Then I realized that my tiny "Chromosomally Enhanced" Princess was asleep.  Well I knew that was a gift for the perfect nap for me.  I had just had a Facebook conversation with a wonderful praying adoptive mom who encouraged me so much.  My teenage son Denzell and Dayton both said they had it covered here and all the kids were so good, so I laid down with my cuddle bug and took a little nap! 
How could anyone resist that cuddle bug!?!
I woke up feeling refreshed and I'm just sure it was from your prayers and those of so many others.  I awoke to news from a friend in our homeschool group that her mother in law's group of ladies decided to make a whole bunch of homemade pillow cases as their service project this month and give them to us.  What a wonderful thing to be able to tell my kids someone did for them!  They are loved and people care!!  

I felt so energized and like nesting this evening so we accomplished a whole bunch.  You can read more about that HERE on our family blog along with rooming arrangements we are working out.  :) 

Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement in so many ways!  The devil lost today, because I am going to bed thankful and bold in God's love and the wonderful Family of God that I am a part of! 

If you have been a part of the giving to our FSP, sharing the waiting children, sharing our story, or donating to the Hidden Treasures Auction that starts Sunday, PLEASE let me know so that I can thank you, add you to our Giveaway, etc.  The details are HERE.

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Keep praying, because God is going to do big things!

USCIS Mess Update

Well, Senator Portman's office has been very helpful.  I'm feeling bad right now because I ended up crying on the phone the last time with them.  I use to be so tough.  I never cried.  I've been paper pregnant for so long by this point that I can't help it now.  Thinking of Keith laying there hungry is doing me in. 

I spoke with our USCIS officer just prior to my breakdown.  That officer tried to tell me that I shouldn't have sent a check at all (it is required that you send a certain amount per child besides the 1st child with your I800!).  She was NOT happy at all that she had an email from our Senator's office.  I expressed that I knew that the issue was at the lockbox and not her.  I repeated that over and over, but to no avail.  She seemed quite ticked off.  The whole conversation didn't go well at all.  She just kept saying that I needed to be patient.  She was not happy.

That I guess was my breaking point.  I surely don't want the next person who gets a hold of our paperwork to already be ticked off at me.  Keith is waiting and he needs people to do their best.  :(

The Senator's representative was very nice.  She was even patient while I cried.  Poor her!  I really did use to be better than this.  I would have never cried on the phone with someone before now. 

We do have SIM #s that were issued today.  Prayerfully the check will show up as cashed today.  (PLEASE PRAY!)  Please also pray that the officer will process the paperwork quickly when it gets to her and that it gets to her quickly.  I'm spent at the moment and may have to go have a very long cry.  No one knows still why the paperwork sat there that long and wasn't processed.  I don't even care as long as it happens quickly and God brings my baby boy home quickly.  I think I may have to be a hermit and crawl into a cave for awhile.  I think anything else could make me begin to bawl at the drop of a hat.  :( 


Sunday, March 25, 2012


I never did hear anything back from the USCIS situation.  It is now officially Monday.  I haven't yet gone to bed (of course!), but it is Monday.  I beg you to pray hard.  I have no idea what the issue with USCIS is.  Whatever it is though I need it to be over!!! 

Please pray hard that our Senator's reprensentative can get it fixed for us.  Tiny Keith needs to come home!!  We are anxious to get all 5 of them home where they can learn how wonderfully special they are.  In less than a week, Ahnja will have her 10th birthday without a family.  :(  My heart breaks.  Aleshia will turn 6 later this month.  Anita will be 7 in May.  Nicholas will be home before his 10th birthday, but he is not in a place we are comfortable with either. 

Keith on the other hand is in serious need of coming home quickly!  We had hoped that everything would be expedited, since the letter from Bulgaria written on his behalf explained his serious medical situation.  He needs home so badly.  He will turn 5 years old on that same day that Ahnja turns 10.  For 5 years he has been dehydrated, malnourished, and lying in a diaper that needs changed.  For over 2 years, he has been in that isolation "sick" ward, simply because he had a respiratory infection over 2 years ago.  See he has Down Syndrome though and in their minds that in itself is something that makes him unworthy of being with the other children.  My poor boy needs to come home!!! 

Please beg God on his behalf.  I will update you as soon as I know something.  In the meantime, PRAY HARD!!! 

This is the last week of the "Thank You" pictures, Bulgarian Giveaway, and Mulligan Stew Giveaway.  They all end the day before his birthday.  The Hidden Treasures Auction begins on his birthday.  You can find all of those things in THIS post.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waiting Children Post #12

Up next we will see what little baby girls with Down Syndrome were born in 2011 and are still waiting.  They all need families. Older children are always waiting for families. They need them badly. Babies need families too or else they turn into older children who are still waiting. If these babies were brought home quickly they would miss years of suffering, neglect, and needless delays to their development. They would get better medical care, have their needs met, and most of all know what LOVE is from the beginning! So let's all share these babies! Remember that if you come back and let me know that you shared then you can be entered into our Bulgarian Giveaway. That giveaway and other ways to help and chances to receive some neat things are in THIS post.

Up first!

Kelsey is only 5 months old.  She has a heart condition, but they don't think surgery will be necessary.  She needs a family to make her their tiny princess.  Could your family be the one???

Ruth is a tiny girl with a huge need for a family!  She just turned a year old.  She is listed with malnutrition as well as some other health issues.  Good medical care and nutrition would change her world, but LOVE would make such a huge difference.  Is this your tiny princess??? 

Sweet Margaret is another baby in need of a family and medical attention.  She needs YOU!  I promise that the joys of being her Mama will far outweigh the trials.  Could this be your tiny daughter???

Melody is so beautiful!!  She is 8 months old and recently had the heart surgery that she needed.  She is in the same place as Turner that we saw yesterday and they could be adopted TOGETHER!!  What a joy that would be!  The director of this institution really wants a family for these kids.  This could be your tiny princess or you could bring them both home????  Mama, are you coming now???

Little Dorothy is still waiting for a family too!  She will be a year old in May.  Make this her only birthday alone!!  She has a heart condition and will need to see a cardiologist, but she would really steal your heart if you'd give her a chance!!  Mama???

Marianne is waiting for Mama!  She is only 6 months old!  Is this your daughter??

Dottie is such a sweet.  She is healthy and calm.  She just turned a year old!  She is in a region of Russia with easy travel and lower cost, plus has almost $2,000 in her grant to help with her adoption.  Wouldn't you love to bring this sweet girl home????

Claudia is almost a year old!!  She is just GORGEOUS!!  She has no heart issues and needs a Mama.  Is that you??????

Milana may not have a great picture, but she is a beautiful girl.  God made her in His image and any family who gets blessed to be her family will get to know a beautiful girl I'm sure.  Is this your baby????  Could you take her for some good photos when she gets home so we can all see????

Victoria is so sweetly sleeping in this photo.  She is 7 months old and so precious.  Is this your tiny princess?

Gerri just turned a year old.  She's such a pretty girl!  Is this your daughter??

Jay Lynn is a sweet little 6 month old.  She is waiting for her Mama.  Mama, is that you????

Katrina is a beautiful 8 month old in need of a family.  Can your family be hers???

Sweet Kendra just turned a year old.  Could you make it her last birthday alone????  Please!!!

Veronica just turned a year old as well.  She needs a Mama to love her.  Would you be her Mama???

Tiny Melanie is right around a year old.  She has anemia and epilepsy.  She needs a Mama to love her!  Mama, is that you???

Another tiny princess who just turned a year old.  Martha needs a Mama!  Could this tiny princess be yours????

Juliet is a little over a year old now.  She already had heart surgery.  Now she just needs a Mama.  Is that you????

Well, I went through the list.  EIGHTEEN little baby girls all waiting for their families.  These little girls need families NOW.  If you go for them now, then they will never be like our Aleshia and not even able to sit up when they are turning 6!!  You can make their world happy from their earliest memories.  Pray, donate, advocate, ADOPT!!

Large Family Post from My Our Family Blog

I didn't want to post this here last night (well early this morning), because I wanted everyone to see the waiting children.  :)  I thought I'd share it here too now though. 

Here is a link to get you to it.  It is just something that I think people need to think about.  There are some things about large families that are hard for others to understand.  :)

Go read it and see what large families have to offer and why the prejudice against them is unfair. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Waiting Children Post #11

Today I'm doing all BABIES!  All of the children on today's listing were born in 2011.  They all need families.  Older children are always waiting for families.  They need them badly.  Babies need families too or else they turn into older children who are still waiting.  If these babies were brought home quickly they would miss years of suffering, neglect, and needless delays to their development.  They would get better medical care, have their needs met, and most of all know what LOVE is from the beginning!  So let's all share these babies!  Remember that if you come back and let me know that you shared then you can be entered into our Bulgarian Giveaway.  That giveaway and other ways to help and chances to receive some neat things are in THIS post.

Every baby on this page today is a baby boy born in 2011!!!!  Baby boys are on my heart right now a lot, because my tiny boy is getting ready to turn 5 and has spent 5 years laying in a crib of a horrible orphanage.  He is still there right now, while I WAIT for someone at the USCIS lockbox to get around to telling us the issue with our paperwork and cashing our check.  At almost 5 years old, Keith weighs less than most of the babies on this page.  Make one of these your babies!!!  You don't want them to just stay in a crib for 5 years like our tiny Keith!!!  Pray that our paperwork moves.  Pray that God moves mountains.  Pray for each baby boy on this page and SHARE THIS POST FOR OTHERS TO SEE THEIR FACES!!!

This little cutie is Turner.  He just turned a year old in January.  He needs seen by a cardiologist to have his heart condition taken care of.  He also is listed as having anemia and protein energy malnutrition.  That means he is in need of some good nutrition and a FAMILY.  The director of his orphanage wants him to have a family badly and calls often to see if a family has been found for him!  Could this be your sweet little boy?? He has a grant of $1162.50 to help with his adoption.

Ryder just turned a year old as well!  He is a healthy little boy with Down Syndrome.  He is in an orphanage where he can be adopted with other children as well.  His grant to help with his adoption is $1,300.  This little sweet boy could end up behind bars in just a few years instead of in that cute striped outfit.  Please consider being his family!!

Sweet Justin won't be a year old until June!  He has some cardiac issues that he should see a cardiologist for.  His grant is $1,205.50 to help with his adoption.  This little dumpling would look perfect cuddled down in the arms of his Mama!!  Could that be you??

Dawson is only about 4 months old!!!  He is very ready for a family though!  What a blessing it would be to get him home quickly!!  Could this be your tiny blessing???

Kaden is a tiny little guy of only 7 months old.  He is just the cutest thing!  This could be your little boy! How can you resist him???

Peyton is not even a year old yet!  He is ready for a family.  Look at those arms asking for you to pick him up.  He is listed as having a heart murmur, so he should see a cardiologist.  Mama is that you??

Keegan is such a handsome little man!  He just turned a year old.  He has a heart issue, but surgery wasn't recommended.  He also has an issue with his eyes crossing, but if they continue that is an easy surgery (Julianne had it!).  His grant is $1,153.50 to help with his adoption.

Tiny Damon is just about 6 months old.  He is so precious!  Could this be your tiny son????

Cute little James isn't even a year old yet!  He is just so cute that I want to squeeze him.  I can just imagine the joy he could bring to a family!  Is this your little sweetheart????

Vincent is only 7 months old.  He is ready and waiting for a family to love him.  Is your family ready to be his family????

Markus just turned a year old.  He is waiting for a family to love him.  Could that be you???

Adam makes my heart skip a beat!!!  Look at this tiny angel!!!  He will turn a year old in June!  Wouldn't this little boy just make your arms feel so useful and wonderful??????

Martin is only 6 months old!!!!  Could this be your son?????

Forrest turns 1 year old sometime this month!  He should have celebrated his 1st birthday with a family, but you could make sure he does his 2nd!!  He would make a wonderful son for someone.  YOU?????

Nicholai doesn't have a very good picture, but I bet he is a good snuggler!!  He needs a Mommy to take him and get a good picture done to show the world his cuteness.  Unfortunately, many children without good pictures, get looked over and forgotten.  Don't let that happen to him.  Please think about making him your son????

Arden was still in the hospital when his write up was written.  If someone was INQUIRING about him, then they could find out how he is doing now and if he is back to the orphanage and available to come to his family now.  He just turned a year old in January and needs someone to love him.  How could you resist this sweet little man????

SIXTEEN LITTLE BABY BOYS!!!  All of them need FAMILIES!  What can you do?  Pray.  Ask God what you can do.  Then do it!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small USCIS Update

I did hear back from one of the Senator's offices today.  Senator Portman's office was very helpful and prompt.  I called to make sure that they had received the fax and within minutes had an email from the lady there with a few additional questions.  She sent of an inquiry this afternoon and I'm hopeful that I will hear something back soon. 

It is amazing how much just a response can give a sense of relief.  Just knowing that someone is going to try and help you get something accomplished is huge.  I really appreciate just knowing that someone will listen and cares. 

I haven't heard anything back from our USCIS officer yet. 

I haven't heard anything back from Senator Brown's office either. 

I don't know the political parties of the two Senators in Ohio.  I do know how I will vote in elections from now on as a result of how their staffs have handled this.  I really think that Senator Portman's staff are going to help me get to the bottom of what is going on and if we are electing people then they should make sure that their staff are their to do what they can. 

I hope that we will hear good things back soon and I will keep you all posted. 

Please pray!  Tiny Keith shouldn't have to wait any longer than absolutely necessary.  Pray for this issue to be resolved, but also be praying for every other stop and every other person that is between Keith and home.  We want all 5 of the kids home ASAP, but I think you all know the urgency with him is so serious.  Keep those prayers going up, because prayer does change things.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where We are with USCIS

I did not receive a call back from our officer today nor an email back from the lockbox email that I was given. 

I did call both of our Senators from Ohio today. 

Senator Brown's office had me call Cleveland, who then had me call Columbus, who then said the person that I needed to speak with was leaving early for the day.  That ticked me off to be honest, since I'd already called a couple places and it wasn't even 2pm.  They took my name and number and said she would call me back tomorrow.  I guess we'll see how that goes.

Senator Portman's office in Columbus was able to tell me where to go on their web page to get the sheet that needed signed in order for them to contact USCIS for us.  I was able to get Brent to fax it for me today from where he works and should hear something back from them tomorrow I hope.  The lady I spoke to said that the lady who does their immigration help there has been doing it for years and would be able to help me as soon as she had the sheet giving her permission. 

Please continue to pray.  We need this to move forward without any more wasted time.  I sit and slap myself thinking I may have messed up some "box" on the 120 pages of stuff I had to send, but I really don't know what the cause is.  I just keep thinking that it is the number of kids that they aren't use to and is throwing it out of the system, but there is no way to know that either. 

Just pray!  God can do it.  I appreciate all of you who've let us know that you are praying!  Whether it was my mistake, a computer mistake, or a government glitch - GOD CAN HANDLE IT!  I am trusting that He is going to move this in perfect timing and show His muscles for our babies during the rest of this adoption process.  :)

Don't forget ALL THE WAY AND OPPORTUNITIES to help us with our adoption right now.  :)  That link you just passed can give you lots of info.  There are also buttons on our side bar that will take you to the Mulligan Stew Giveaway (ends the day before Keith and Ahnja's birthdays) and the Hidden Treasures Auction (starts on Keith and Ahnja's birthdays!). 

What Down Syndrome Means to Me - BY DAYTON UNROE

Today I asked the kids to write about what Down Syndrome means to them, the kids coming, Julianne, or anything about Down Syndrome in their journals for a homeschool assignment.  I haven't got to read them all yet and I'm sure that some of my kids will make it an issue of some kind or not want to share, but Dayton did a great job and was glad to let me share HIS view. 

(If you'd like to see Julianne and Dayton together in a video then HERE is a post of that.)

"Down Syndrome means alot to me.  When I think about Down Syndrome, I think of a cute little boy or girl laughing.  Alot of people think Down Syndrome is something that makes them stand out in a bad way and they will never be able to "blend in".  But they stand out in a good way, by being special and extremely cute.  They can do everything we can eventually because they are so smart.  They are also the cutest little things in the world.  Down Syndrome is the best syndrome you can have.  Down Syndrome is awesome!"

Dayton Unroe
age 10
brother to one "Chromosomally Enhanced" sister home
and 3 sisters and two brothers on the way who are also
"Chromosomally Enhanced"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day 2012!!!!

Well it is officially World Down Syndrome Day.  This day has been chosen to educate the world about Down Syndrome for a very important reason.  Down Syndrome is usually present because their are 3 copies of the 21st Chromososome instead of just 2 copies.  This is the 3rd month and the 21st day!  :) 

Keith, Julianne, Aleshia, Anita, Nicholas, and Ahnja all have Trisomy 21!  They all have 3 copies of that 21st Chromosome!  :) 

Are they different?  Well, yes, I think we all are.  :)  God just gave them all a little something "EXTRA"!  I'll share some videos with you throughout of Julianne celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, so here's the first one!

At our house the extra chromosome is adored!  All of the kids flock to Julianne and couldn't wait to have more siblings that God chose to give that little something "extra". 

I was asked to share something that I thought was misunderstood or that was different about Julianne than what is expected for Reece's Rainbow's World Down Syndrome post.  I had the hardest time.  Julianne isn't a "stereotype", she's an amazing blessing straight from God that blesses each of us so much each day. 

Here are just a few of the ones that came right to the top of my head:

This has been so hard for me. lol Maybe bc I'm long winded or maybe bc Julianne is just so special. :x lovestruck
I was told that Julianne would be cognitively slow, but she is most definitely NOT. She learns everything and is so smart, but her speech is behind so she can't express it where others see it and appreciate it fully.

People with Down Syndrome are thought to be a burden, but Julianne has been the light of our world. God knew WE needed her much more than she needed us and the joy she brings is beyond what words can express.

People with Down Syndrome are thought to be "frail", but Julianne is one tough cookie. She overcame so much before we ever met her at age 2 1/2, yet she takes everything is stride and kicks every obstacle faster than any of us would.

They say people with Down Syndrome are impaired cognitively, yet Julianne shows us each day that she is so bright. She figures out ways to do things that no one else would think of and communicates nonverbally so well that if I could do that I wouldn't talk either.

They make you believe that you won't be able to communicate with a nonverbal child with Down Syndrome, yet Julianne communicates better than anyone I know. Julianne doesn't talk, but she can walk into any situation and make sure to express everything she wants to express while people marvel at her cuteness and jump to do as she pleases.

They say people with Down Syndrome are "different", but Julianne is more like me than anyone I've ever met (even though I didn't give birth to her!). She is stubborn, determined, eats weird things, is opinionated, and gets her way!

Even though Julianne was our 12th child, she made everyone of us less selfish and more determined to be all God desires of us. Her stubborness at being just who she is and her ability to make everyone adore her at first glance has made every member of our family better people who know more about God and His desires for us all. 
Julianne really did change our world for the better in so many ways.  I don't know how I survived the days without her.  She is the most fun and sweet child in the entire world.  I don't love her any more than my other kids, but I'm positive that God gave her to me so that the tough days wouldn't be so tough!  I can't tell you the blessings of being her Mommy, because their just aren't words.  I know for a fact that God made me Julianne's Mommy because I NEEDED HER much more than because she needed me.  She is more like me (stubborn and all) than anyone I've ever met, but much prettier and much sweeter.  She just doesn't give up and she doesn't care what anyone else says is "normal" (normal is another word for BORING!).  She loves a good bowl of banana peppers, ice cream, Reeses cups, and to be loved. 
The fact that people abort 9 out of 10 children like my 6 blessings each day makes me sick.  These children aren't mistakes!  I thank God almost every day that Julianne's birth mother did drugs when she was pregnant and didn't get prenatal care, or else Julianne would have likely been a statistic.  My life wouldn't be what it is now and our entire family would be missing a very important piece.
Spread the word that Down Syndrome isn't a mistake or a flaw!  Down Syndrome is a gift!  It is just one of many ways that God chose to make each of us special!!   Next year we will celebrate with all 6 of our Chromosomally Enhanced Blessings HOME!  If you'd like to be a part of bringing them home, there are lots of opportunities to do so in THIS post.

The Unroe Family thanks God daily for the
21st Chromsosome that makes
Our "Chromosomally Enhanced" Children so

Big Bully

That is what the devil is.  He is a big hateful bully!  He is bullying me which ticks me off, but worse than that is that he is bullying my children.

The ones of us here have each other.  We can stand strong together.  We are safe together. 

The 5 little ones over there are another ball game!

They are alone!
They are helpless!
I have no power to protect them or comfort them!

I just got back from a small whine fest.  I decided that if my children were being bullied, I would want them to come to me and tell me.  I'd want them to cry if they needed to.  I wouldn't want them to pretend to be tough and take the blows quietly. 

God is MY FATHER!  He wants to know and He doesn't expect me to be able to handle it.  I cried and whined and begged.  I did that until I fell asleep.  I woke up with a peace of knowing that HE is going to take care of it and mad as heck at the old devil.  I feel a tremendous sense of urgency and will nag the people at USCIS until they tell me what is happening or die from exhaustion.  I will fight even harder to see that old devil put back in his place.  He doesn't belong up here messing around in this adoption.  He has had a hold on Keith's tiny life and the life of my other kids for long enough.  They won't be small and meek and forgotten for long!!  They are going to be OURS and LOVED!  The devil will have to just get over his hold, because it is going to be gone. 

Don't be silent!  Post your name and say your praying.  Pray!  Ask God to remove him from our process and get these kids home quickly!  I'm not going to back down for even one second.  Those 5 little miracles are worth screaming for prayer over.  If I made a mistake on paperwork, there is a glitch in their system and our # of kids, or who knows what else . . . . GOD CAN FIX IT RIGHT UP AND KNOCK THE DEVIL RIGHT OUT OF THIS.    Please pray!  God has the rest!


I meant to be working on a really great World Down Syndrome Day post right now, but instead I feel like falling into a heap.  Our check that we sent to the USCIS has never been cashed.  Tomorrow makes 2 weeks.  I called today to see what was going on.

They say there is an issue at the "Lockbox".  The only thing that they know is that there is an issue, but the computer doesn't say "what" the issue is.  The people I have to talk to are in MO and the lockbox is in TX.  There is no phone number, but I was given an email address.  I have of course already emailed to that address, but of course I've not gotten some immediate response. 

I feel completely sick!  All 5 of my kids are waiting for us to come back and get them and now another delay of some sort.  It was a lot of paperwork, but I went through each piece over and over.  I was sure I had it all correct.  Why doesn't the computer tell what the issue is like they say it normally does??? 

They say that there is a lady who goes over these things and tries to resolve them, but I've heard nothing.  The person that I have helping me here in the U.S. has heard of requests for more info, but not this.  I am at a loss. 

I hate every day that they have to be there instead of here for all 5 of them, but KEITH NEEDS OUT DESPERATELY!  I feel so sick thinking of him laying there all alone, hungry, wet, and in isolation. 

Please I am begging that you pray for God to fix this and move things along for him!!!  We've been getting hit by the devil from all sides lately.  I can't even name everything that has happened in the past 1 1/2 weeks.  I do know that we have a Father in Heaven who can fix all of this.  I know that the devil wouldn't be so mad if we weren't doing what God wants.  I do know that God is BIGGER and He can overcome all of this. 

PLEASE STORM HEAVEN and ask that the lady at the lockbox puts priority on this and gets whatever needs done, done quickly.  I told her in the email that we will do whatever needs done.  I just don't know what the problem is right now.  PLEASE PRAY for the paperwork and all 5 of the kids, but especially Keith.

He just shouldn't have to wait a day longer than absolutely necessary!

Monday, March 19, 2012

God Has a Plan

I need the reminder today.

God has a plan for how all 5 of these Beautiful and Amazing Kids
Tiny Keith
Interactive Aleshia
Adorable Anita
Climbing Nicholas
and Bossy Ahnja

will all get home.

He knows the day and the time.
He holds it all in His hands.
He can keep them safe while they wait.

He expects each of us to do their part in the world's orphan crisis.
These 5 are the ones He has for me right now.
I can't bring them all home.
I can't save the world.
I can give a new life to these 5 amazing blessings

What is your part????

I had to see all 5 of them together today.  So many children are waiting.  It breaks my heart that there aren't families lining up to bring each one home.  I can't bring them all home.  I fret about my 5 and then start to fret about the millions of others, especially the 240 where Keith is.  None of us can do it alone, but as the Body of Christ if we all did something then we CAN FIX IT!! 

Don't forget that each of us needs to do something. 
Pray, Advocate, Donate, Adopt!!!! 
Everyone can pray easily every day for the orphans!
You can also share the faces of the waiting kids.
Share our blog!
Pray and share each day PLEASE!
Kids are waiting!
Kids are dying!
Kids are alone!
Kids need YOU!