Sunday, February 26, 2012

Waiting Kids Post #4

Today's post is going to be waiting kids who are older.  There are some kids waiting who want a family so badly and are almost too old to be allowed to be adopted. 

Imagine if you'd never had a family.  Ahnja has waited for 9 years and you could see her excitement!  She was so happy to have parents (even if her Mama was the size of an iphone and her Daddy talks very weird).

Then imagine if "time was up".  You would never have one.  You'd be turned out on the streets if you aren't disabled, but if you are disabled then you'd be locked away in a mental institution forever. 

It is heartbreaking yet very true for many.

This is Bernadette and she is 15 years old.  She needs a family to come for her before she turns 16 in November.  She is about the size of a petite 8 year old.  She is friendly and loves to play with dolls and watch cartoons.  She needs a family QUICKLY!  Her grant is over $8,900 to help with her adoption!  Could you be her family or donate to help someone get to her more quickly?

Laurel is another girl with just a short time left before she will be locked away from the outside world forever.  She has a $2,000 grant available through another source and a Reece's Rainbow grant of $5,284 available to help with her adoption.  She is wanting a family so badly.  Can you help her?

Samuel is nearing 16 and is begging for a family.  A family adopting from his place met him recently and he desires a Christian family.  He wants someone to love him! He is great at soccer and would love to go to college.  He will never have that opportunity in his native country!   His special needs are minor with just a deformity of his fingers.  He is respectful, has a good sense of humor, and is smart.  He already is learning some English!  Please consider him!  I have a son who is 16 years old and they still need a Mom at this age!

Duncan is in the same place as Samuel.  He too wants a family very badly.  He is smart and hardworking.  He just needs a family and a chance!  He is small for his age and appears to have CP.  He gets around independently using a walker.  He "fears even to hope for a family, because he doesn't think anyone would want him because he isn't handsome".   He is aware of the fact that he will soon live out the rest of his life in a mental institution even though he is mentally fine.

There are so many children waiting of all ages.  I just want to feature these 4 today though.  They are all right at the verge of hopelessness and YOU can change that path for them!

Please remember to VOTE to help spread the word.

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Lots of ways to help can be found HERE.

We should have posts about Nicholas starting Monday!


  1. Praying especially for Duncan and Samuel. Both of their stories really grab my heart. We need a bigger house!
    I am sharing by the way.

  2. Duncan is VERY handsome! I pray Gos raises up the family that will show him his worth and beauty! I'm sharing this need right now!

  3. "God" not " Gos" . . . Darn iPad and fat fingers! Ha ha