Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where We are

Keith, Aleshia, Anita, Nicholas, and Ahnja have been home for 6 months now.  So much to update you on with them!  They are INCREDIBLE!!! 

The thing is that we are right in the middle of paperwork to bring home our next 3 children and it has to take priority.  I haven't forgot about the blog or updating you.  I just need to get to the kids as quickly as possible.  We've been doing fundraising via a Facebook page and updating there more often since the updates are shorter and reaching a large audience is easier.  Here is the link: 

The children we are adopting will be named Charity (3 year old girl with Autism), Johnathan (6 year old boy with hydrocephalus and a shunt), and Matthew (9 year old little boy who has a brain injury and severe atrophy with his legs bent at the knee and won't straighten and only weighs 18 lbs).  They are all in the same place that our Keith was before coming home.  Matthew really needs to come home and get medical treatment.  His brain injury was caused by being beat into a coma by his birthfather and there will be lots of trauma from that and being left in a crib since it happened when he was 4 1/2 years old.  A 9 year old that weighs 18 lbs is so hard to imagine unless you've seen a child from a place like they are from.  My heart hurts and I feel sick when I think of how much pain he must be in laying there unable to straighten his legs.  I worry about Charity and Johnathan too, but not nearly the same worries as I have for Matthew.  They all need home, but he needs home quickly desperately.
Here is Matthew, age 9
 Johnathan, age 6
 Charity, age 3
If you would like to help with the cost of getting them home, then you can donate at the chipin on the right side bar or you can visit the link for our Facebook page and be a part of auctions, stores that donate some proceeds, or contact me if you have an item to donate to an auction.  Please pray for our process to be quick and for the children as they wait!
More to come soon and I'll do much better with updating as soon as this paperwork is into the hands of the next person who needs it!