Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anita Day #3

I could tell during our Skype call this morning that Anita was much more comfortable today.  She was much more allowing of Brent into her "space".  She was also blowing us kisses via Skype!  Julianne was up to see her and was kissing the screen at Anita.  Julianne often isn't crazy about other kids until she gets to know them, but she seems to have a connection with Anita even via Skype.  :)  She wasn't happy when the camera went off of Anita in order for Brent to sign a paper either.  It was so sweet.  She had cute little pigtails today!

Here is a picture I cropped Brent out of so that you can see my sweet girl blowing kisses!

Here are the pictures and videos that you are waiting for:

These next two were taken as she was leaving Brent. 

Can you tell that Brent is well trained by Julianne in how to obey nonverbal communicators?  roflol