Friday, February 24, 2012

Aleshia Day #5 - Last Glimpse of New Pictures of Her Until Gotcha Day

Today Brent had one last visit with Aleshia.  Things went well and he was able to get an address so that we can send stuff while she waits.  I will record another book soon and send so that the "teacher" can work with that with her as well.  I may send some flashcards with pictures that the teacher can go over the American words for with her.  Aleshia may not "speak", but she does understand.  :)

Aleshia was her normal lovable self.  :)  I was able to Skype with them this morning and she definitely recognizes my voice and I believe she associates it with the book she loves so much.  :)

 Julianne does this same cute thing of putting her chin on ours, we call it "chin love"!

Daddy had some good play time with Aleshia today.

The last thing that Daddy got to do before he had to leave was feed her.

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Nicholas's visits will start next week!


  1. Can't wait to donate to your auction! (((HUG)))

  2. Hey dear Amanda,

    Traying for you all!! Praying for Brent on his one last week of visits with your precious son! Praying for expedite for you...praying and here to help if you need anything!

    love in Christ,

    P.s. LOVING your photos and story!!!