Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aleshia is sick and we miss her with pictures

Aleshia had an Echo this morning.  She was sedated for it and did not wake up well from the sedation.  The doctor got a good piece of my mind and will again.  We won't be going back to him either, because I think he gave her too much medication.  She is spending a night in the PICU for observation, but is back awake after a very long 8 1/2 hours at least of sleeping.  I was with her during the day and Brent is with her now, so that I could come home with the other kids.

She was doing much better when I left though.  Praise God for this smile!
We all miss her terribly.  Life just isn't the same without her here.  Julianne was asleep when Aleshia left this morning for the Echo and is missing her worst of all I think.  

I had to use the flash on the camera to get this picture of her.  She went in, flipped out her light, and was sitting like this when I went in to check on here. 
 Yes, she was sitting and holding Aleshia's picture from Aleshia's old picture album.  She got it out all on her own.  This is so SWEET and so SAD too.  Julianne has slept in her own bed every since Aleshia came home.  They giggle and laugh after the lights are out and Julianne even turns them back on sometimes.  (wink)
She misses her very much as do we.  I bet I have a little girl back in my bed tonight.  Praying Aleshia continues to do well and is back home tomorrow morning before Julianne even wakes up.  

Aleshia has a family now and WE don't know what to do without her!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Christmas Anyone? and the Family Picture!

Yes, that is what we are working on here.  We have a Christmas Auction going on right now to help with adoption costs.  We've only been home for 2 months and while things here are going AWESOME, we have to do a little fundraising to keep this adoption moving at the fastest possible speed.

We have our new Social Worker coming on Monday.  We are very excited about that and getting the process moving as quickly as we can.  We can't wait to meet them and make them a part of our family!  There is so much paperwork and so many parts to the process, but we are trusting God to get us through each part.

You can check out our Christmas Auction on Facebook if you would like.  There are some really great deals on there from people who love care about our family and want to help us make these next three blessings an official part of it ASAP!http://www.facebook.com/ThreeMoreForTheUnroesChristmasAuction

I'll put up more pictures later, but here is the one of the whole family on the "ark" playset in the backyard.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We Reached $100, but I'm showing the Main video so here it is

I can't get the preview video to post.  That means you get to see the main video, even though we are only at $105
Let me start by saying that this is less probably about half of the clothes that had to come out of the closet in order to put fall and winter into the closet.  We pile them up like this and then pull down the tubs from the attic in order to have the stuff ready to go into those tubs and put them right back up.  Then I wash and sort all of the clothes from the tubs and mark them with a sharpie to show who they go to that year.  What they decided to do this year, shows what happens when you have 15 children between the ages of 5 and 13.  lol  Kids just want to have fun!


We'll have more ways for you to help us fundraise for this new adoption later, along with pictures and names as we're still working on the new names.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do you want to SEE???

My kids are hysterical.  I was in their videoing their funniness and thought that it should be "Pay Per View".  So here's the deal,  WHEN THE CHIP IN ON THE RIGHT SIDE BAR REACHES $200 IN DONATIONS (THAT WILL HELP BRING OUR NEXT THREE KIDS HOME TO JOIN IN THE FUN) THEN I WILL POST THE VIDEO!!!!

This is what the Unroe children have decided to do instead of jumping in piles of leaves and how any chore can become fun.
Dayton left the activity when he saw the camera, but Cody and Ahnja were having a blast and some of the others couldn't decide whether to join or not!  lol

I'll keep watching so that I know when to post.  Make sure to keep popping by so you don't miss it!!!

Also, anyone who donates to the Chipin before that goal is reached will be entered to win this little wooden doll that I bought in Bulgaria!  She is so cute and she has a vial of "Rose" perfume inside which is the popular thing over there!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Why I've Been So Quiet . . . Are you Ready?

I'm sorry I haven't gotten Nicholas's update post up.  I'll try to get that up soon.  I've been a little busy though.  You're thinking "Busy, with 18 kids".  lol  The kids are doing WONDERFUL and things here are running very smoothly.  Our new homeschool year has kicked off well and our Homeschool Co-Op is back in session every other Friday.  All is well and wonderful!  (I even have new family pictures to share with you soon and a picture of all 5 of our little Bulgarian/Americans together!)

We've been busy with PAPERWORK!

Brent knew when he was at Keith's place for trip #1, that God would be sending us back there.  We didn't know "when".  We figured it would take a while to settle these in.  God fixed that though and they settled in easier we could have ever imagined.  They are wonderful, amazing, thriving, and joyful!!!  Laughter and Bulgarian words ring through the house.  We all often use the words for "Yes", "No", "Wait", "Stop", "Dog", "Goodnight" and a few others interchangeably with the English version because we LOVE the way that it sounds.  The Bulgarian language is BEAUTIFUL!  They understand almost everything in English already and Ahnja speaks quite a bit.  Anita and Nicholas both speak a little bit of English already too.  They enjoy church, going out to eat, family movies with snacks, playing outside, and so many other things.  They all readily accept and even initiate affection.  LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!!

So God has made it clear to us that we are going BACK!  Yes, we will be heading to where little Keith came from to bring home 3 additional children.  I can't say "who" yet, as we are working on the official commitment documents.  Our homestudy money has already been paid and paperwork is already in the hands of the agency.

You will notice that there is already a "Chip In" on the sidebar of this blog to allow for donations.  We also have a Facebook Auction running right now to help with the beginning costs.  We've not had much time to save up fees toward this adoption and there are fees due right off the bat.  We could just wait to save them all, but then the children wait longer.  That is not something that we want to happen, especially with the children where Keith came from.  The government has made changes to try to help correct the problems there, but with YEARS of neglect in its most severe form these children need to come home quickly where love, nutrition, opportunity, therapies, etc can help them to overcome what they have lived through.

I'll have a giveaway or two run from this blog soon as well.

Please pray as we move forward that everything moves smoothly and quickly and that God will take care of them while we work hard to bring them home!