Monday, February 20, 2012

2:43 am and Waiting to See Her

Yes, I am still up at 2:43 am and there isn't hope of going to bed any time soon.  Last I heard Brent said the director of Aleshia's institution was outside of their hotel and they were going to head toward where Aleshia is.  I have no idea how far that is and I'm PRAYING that there is a signal good enough to Skype. 

Do you have any idea what it is like to wait for that moment that you are about to see a child, YOUR CHILD, that you've loved for so long and worried about so much???  Well, lets just say that the excitement and tears are right at the verge of overflowing!

Dayton and Julianne are still up.  Julianne always sleeps with me and Dayton is joining us while Daddy is away.  They both love to stay up late and they help me not lose my mind while I wait. 

I hope to have pictures and videos of our little girl for you soon!

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