Friday, February 3, 2012

Anita's Bag of Things

Brent will visit with both Ahnja and Anita next week (not this coming week, but the week after).  Right now I'm waiting to hear that he landed in Rome, Italy and is going to make his next flight without issue.  I thought while I'm waiting, I would go ahead with the post of Anita's things for their visit. 

Anita is 6 years old and is very blessed to still be in the "Baby House" where she has been since she was born.  Since Brent is visiting now, it is unlikely that she will ever see the inside of an institution and for that we are very thankful to God!

Anita's Bag:

Anita's Snacks:

Anita's things that are in her bag to do.
What is in her bag:
  • a magic screen writer (anxious to see what she draws, writes, or scribbles for Brent)
  • doll with hair and brush (will she pretend or comb its hair?  Can't wait to find out)
  • stuffed poodle that came with the doll
  • 2 pair of sunglasses (you know she will love to dress up)
  • 5 or 6 bracelets (more dress up)
  • Chinese yo-yo
  • Dora Stickers (will work good with the magic marker paper too)
  • Slinky (small and so fun)
  • Noise stick (everyone loves noise and it is great for cause and effect!)
  • baby doll (girls love dolls!)
  • light up textured ball (it bounces, lights up, and has sensory input!)
  • 5 packages of toddler fruit snacks
  • 2 fruiteeze packages with a fruit puree in them
Brent will of course be picking up more snacks for her to enjoy as well.  :)  There's also a gorilla that makes sounds, a toddler pretend camera, and a singamajig toy as well as the magic markers and paper for him to do with her. 

We should know next week as to how it all goes! 

Stay tuned!!!!!

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