Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anita Day #4 - She showed Her Personality Big Time today!

Well this tiny princess sure did come out of that shell and let her true personality come ringing through.  First thing to note is that lots of fruit snacks will be going on the trip with me!  She looks for them as soon as Brent gets there!  She misses him when he is gone now and enjoys him coming.  I hate that he only has one visit left! 

The laughter and bossiness in these videos could have Julianne's head on the body and be just as accurate for her personality!  She also takes a while to warm up, just like Anita has! 

They took her out today to get her Visa picture done!  She is so cute bundled up!  (They also learned that she plops down like Julianne when she doesn't want to walk further! lol)

She likes her book that I recorded, though just like Julianne would, she must do it her own way!
A certain princess loves to dance!

And giggle!

I can't wait to get this little princess home and spoil her on a routine basis!  :)


  1. Amazing!! She is precious. Enjoy your time with her!

  2. Oh, watching these videos made me CRY, for so many reasons! Wow.