Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wonderful New Song and Video!

Just saw this song and video for the first time.  It is amazing and so true.  Every child truly does deserve a home! 

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Click HERE to go to Reece's Rainbow and see the waiting children who YOU can help.  Donate, Advocate, and ADOPT!  Your Blessing could be waiting at the end of Reece's Rainbow!

Click HERE to go to our giveaway for ways to receive a chance for gifts for helping in 3 different ways.

Click HERE to donate to our adoption fund.  We have all the costs covered up until the point that we will be paying for some very expensive travel.  We will be buying 3 adult round trip tickets and 5 one way tickets for the kids to come home.  The tickets alone may be around $11,000, but we have no way to know for sure until we get to the point of knowing "when" it will be.  We are praying it is expedited for the sake of Keith's health.

Click HERE to read about the fundraiser that Hidden Treasures will be doing for our family the first week of April and how you can donate items to it.

People ask what they can do, so there are 5 different things that you can do to help orphans.  Maybe you can even try to click each of the links and see what all you can do!  God has given us many ways!

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