Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post #2 of Waiting Children

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Yesterday we talked about boys who are waiting purely because they are boys.  Today I thought we'd hit on a list of girls who are waiting because they are "older".  All of the girls I am planning to list today are close to Anita and Ahnja in age.  Surely you could see the joy that my two blessings are going to bring!  (If not go to their posts and watch those videos!!!)  All children need a family and girls their age are no different. 

So here we go!

This sweet little girl is Ahnja's age!  She needs a family to love her, spoil her, and let her personality shine! Tara is 9 years old and has a grant of $1,675 to help with her adoption.  She is from a place that allows single moms to adopt, a family should have no more than 6 children, and only one parent has to travel.  :)

This little girl is just months younger than Anita at 6 years old.  She needs a family VERY badly.  Oksana is healthy (no heart condition) and should be wearing glasses to correct her vision.  Her grant is over $10,400, so that will help with her adoption considerably.  Think of the joy this little girl could bring to your family!

Tania is another beautiful 9 year old like my beautiful Ahnja.  She seeks out love and affection.  She needs a mommy so badly.  Older parents and large families are welcome!  This could be your blessing!

This tiny girl is almost 8 years old!  She has already been transferred to a mental institution and has gone from the happy baby on her link to this sad shell you see here.  She is probably lacking proper nutrition and love as is our tiny Keith and it is heartbreaking to see what children suffer without these basic needs.  Ekaterina needs a family urgently!  Look at that tiny girl and imagine where she is right now!  YOU CAN HELP HER! 

Look at this cute little angel!  She is the same age as Anita!  Marina is facing the institution soon and needs a family!

Celine is 6 years old just like our Anita!  She has a warrior who works hard to raise her grant and her grant is up to $8,222!  She needs a family to love her and take her home.  She is so angelic looking and would be such a joy to a family.  Imagine the sweetness of our little Anita and that God is offering you the same wonderful gift right now!  This could be your daughter!!

This little girl was born in the same year as Ahnja!  She looks like she has a wonderful joyful personality as well! Isabelle has a grant of $243 to go toward her adoption.  Single moms and large families are welcome in her coutry with easy travel!


Masha! She is the sweet girl that won the heart of the ABC news journalists who followed Mia Kareen's story and found sweet Masha in a mental institution.  If you go to her link you will find a link to the ABC news story where she was featured for a moment and see her shining personality.  She has a grant of $665 and a heart of gold!   Please someone go get her!

All these little girls are between the ages of 6 and 9 years old.  Every one of them are in the age range of our girls you watched this past week!  Think of how much joy was on my little girls' faces as they realized they were loved!  You can be the family that these girls are waiting for.  Pray and ask God what you can do!  Are you suppose to pray, donate, advocate, adopt or all of the above????  Ask, obey, and be blessed for your part in caring for God's children.

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