Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today is Ahnja and Keith's birthdays. 

Today Ahnja has her 10th birthday without a family. 

Today Keith has his 5th birthday without a family.

For today's waiting kids I decided to link you to other children waiting who have birthdays in April. All of these kids will celebrate another birthday without a family this month too.  YOU CAN MAKE IT THEIR LAST BIRTHDAY ALONE AS WELL!!! 

Please pray for Keith and Ahnja today.  My heart is broken thinking about them both there.  Ahnja is at least "ok" while she waits.  She likely doesn't understand why she was told she has a family and then they left her. 

Keith on the other hand is not "ok".  He is laying alone, in an isolation room, in a wet/dirty diaper, and hungry.  Please pray that God makes someone feel for him today and change his diaper and feed him.

Please pray for my sweet boy and my feisty girl.

The Hidden Treasure Auction is up and running today.  There are so many great items from wonderful thought donors.  Please go check them out and see what you might like to purchase with the proceeds going to help bring home Keith and the other kids.  :)   Its a great way to celebrate Keith's birthday today since the auction is in honor of him and to help bring him home.  :)

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