Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pray Harder

I spoke received an email from our Senator's office.  Our USCIS officer is still saying she doesn't have the paperwork.  :( 

I know the officer was very ticked off at me for involving the Senator's office.  :(  Please pray that she doesn't purposely hold up our paperwork.  Pray that the paperwork lands on her desk today and it treated like a "hot potato" that she can't leave sitting there at all.  Please pray that everyone who touches that paperwork has a feeling of urgency come over them and they actually feel compassion for my sweet tiny boy. 

God tells us to pray and He wouldn't have us do it if it wasn't meaningful!  Prayer changes things!  Pray for Keith today and pray for the paperwork that needs to happen to bring him home!

Don't forget that all of THESE OPPORTUNITIES TO WIN PRIZES AND HELP end when the month ends!

There is a new post up on the family blog about another one of the joys I get to receive as the Mama of this crew.  The things that I was told the kids "couldn't" do and I get to watch them do are gifts straight from God.  You can go read that HERE!

Right now, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!

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