Monday, April 2, 2012

Good News

The day started our rough (again).  The Hague Adoption Unit said their computer didn't show anything at all after the I800A.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and left a message.  The supervisor that called back was saying there wasn't anything they could do until the lockbox processed it.  I explained that they had processed it because we had SIM numbers.  She insisted that it wasn't at their building.  :(  I thought I might lose my mind.

I talked to her while driving to my appointment.  I arrived at the appointment and cried like a baby in the doctor's office.  (I hate it when that happens but these doggone paper pregnancy hormones are killing me!) I had prayed the whole time I waited.  This whole thing has me on the verge of tears all the time because I know Keith is laying there hungry, alone, and in need of love and medical care.  When my wonderful CNP started to talk and I explained that the devil has been hitting us from all sides for nearly a month, I just couldn't stop the flow of tears. 

Wonderful as she is Anita (yes that is who our beautiful little Anita on the way is named after) hugged me and prayed.  God sure does bless with wonderful Christian friends!

As I was checking out my phone rung and they had found the paperwork!!!  God is amazing!  I even could go back and let Anita know that prayers had been answered.  Hopefully it will clear through USCIS now.  Our Senator's representative said that the Visa center usually only takes 24 hours to clear through their part!

We should finally be moving!

Please continue to pray that God will make nothing end up being an issue with that paperwork now that they have it.  Pray that it is a hot potato in their hands!

Go check out the Hidden Treasures Auction while we are waiting this week.  It only runs this week.  :)  There are over 100 items to bid on and the proceeds all go to help with plane tickets for the trip home! 

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