Friday, March 2, 2012

Nicholas Day #5 - The Last Visit

Today was the last visit.  Things didn't go as I would have liked.  You could tell from the Skype call even that something was wrong.  It makes me so sad that Brent had to leave him after the visit where he obviously wasn't himself. 

The person who asks a bunch of questions came in today from the very beginning.  She had been in to ask ONE question yesterday.  The question yesterday was bizarre, because she wanted to know if MY hair was blond.  I don't know what matter it makes that my hair is brown, but evidently it did to her. 

She wouldn't let Nicholas up today.  She made him stay seated.  She said she had been told that he had been "bad".  :(  He wasn't himself at all.  She kept fussing at him to sit down and sit still. 

Nicholas keeps hitting the teddy bear today.  I hope he was just frustrated because he had to sit still, but I fear there is more to it.  I keep reminding myself that he is still better off than poor tiny Keith and will make it until we get back.  Somehow that doesn't help my heart much.  Please pray for him as he waits.  I'm sure he doesn't understand what is happening.  He has no clue what a family is and has no way to understand that we are coming back.  His last visit with Daddy didn't end on a fun note.  :(  Also pray for Keith.  He is not in good condition and I worry about him day and night.  He needs an expedited process and we can file the next paperwork as soon as Brent is home.

Here are the pictures and a video, but the video isn't my normal "fun and wild" boy.  :(

Don't forget to stop by and share the posts of waiting kids this weekend. 
I will have some posts coming up with more info from "behind the scenes" of what was going on here during this trip.  I have some hilarious videos and pictures of what we did while waiting for Skype calls in the middle of the night. 

Please continue to VOTE for our blog.  It has fallen from 18th place back into 19th place.
Don't forget our GIVEAWAY!  It will be ending soon.  I don't have many people who have entered and only one person has told me via Facebook what she would like to be entered to win.  I know more people shared and some donated.  You have to let me know though!  :)

I'll keep you posted during the process!  I'll let you know as we find out what is happening and when.
I'm sure Brent will have some more stories to share once he is home too.  :)

Don't forget the HIDDEN TREASURES AUCTION coming up.  If you have anything to donate, the contact info is on the link.

There is possibly another big fundraiser that another adoptive mother is doing and we will benefit from.  She always does a great job, so stay tuned!

Most of all continue to pray that things are expedited.  We of course want them all home ASAP, but little Keith really is in serious need of getting out of the horrible situation that he is in.


  1. We voted! And I'm going to go on FB and ask my friends to vote! I'm sorry the last visit today wasn't good, we will pray that everyone is home with you as soon as possible so that you can make it all better.

    1. Thanks so much. Just pray that they are all home soon. God has them in His hand now too and I"m trying to remind myself of that every second.