Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day 2012!!!!

Well it is officially World Down Syndrome Day.  This day has been chosen to educate the world about Down Syndrome for a very important reason.  Down Syndrome is usually present because their are 3 copies of the 21st Chromososome instead of just 2 copies.  This is the 3rd month and the 21st day!  :) 

Keith, Julianne, Aleshia, Anita, Nicholas, and Ahnja all have Trisomy 21!  They all have 3 copies of that 21st Chromosome!  :) 

Are they different?  Well, yes, I think we all are.  :)  God just gave them all a little something "EXTRA"!  I'll share some videos with you throughout of Julianne celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, so here's the first one!

At our house the extra chromosome is adored!  All of the kids flock to Julianne and couldn't wait to have more siblings that God chose to give that little something "extra". 

I was asked to share something that I thought was misunderstood or that was different about Julianne than what is expected for Reece's Rainbow's World Down Syndrome post.  I had the hardest time.  Julianne isn't a "stereotype", she's an amazing blessing straight from God that blesses each of us so much each day. 

Here are just a few of the ones that came right to the top of my head:

This has been so hard for me. lol Maybe bc I'm long winded or maybe bc Julianne is just so special. :x lovestruck
I was told that Julianne would be cognitively slow, but she is most definitely NOT. She learns everything and is so smart, but her speech is behind so she can't express it where others see it and appreciate it fully.

People with Down Syndrome are thought to be a burden, but Julianne has been the light of our world. God knew WE needed her much more than she needed us and the joy she brings is beyond what words can express.

People with Down Syndrome are thought to be "frail", but Julianne is one tough cookie. She overcame so much before we ever met her at age 2 1/2, yet she takes everything is stride and kicks every obstacle faster than any of us would.

They say people with Down Syndrome are impaired cognitively, yet Julianne shows us each day that she is so bright. She figures out ways to do things that no one else would think of and communicates nonverbally so well that if I could do that I wouldn't talk either.

They make you believe that you won't be able to communicate with a nonverbal child with Down Syndrome, yet Julianne communicates better than anyone I know. Julianne doesn't talk, but she can walk into any situation and make sure to express everything she wants to express while people marvel at her cuteness and jump to do as she pleases.

They say people with Down Syndrome are "different", but Julianne is more like me than anyone I've ever met (even though I didn't give birth to her!). She is stubborn, determined, eats weird things, is opinionated, and gets her way!

Even though Julianne was our 12th child, she made everyone of us less selfish and more determined to be all God desires of us. Her stubborness at being just who she is and her ability to make everyone adore her at first glance has made every member of our family better people who know more about God and His desires for us all. 
Julianne really did change our world for the better in so many ways.  I don't know how I survived the days without her.  She is the most fun and sweet child in the entire world.  I don't love her any more than my other kids, but I'm positive that God gave her to me so that the tough days wouldn't be so tough!  I can't tell you the blessings of being her Mommy, because their just aren't words.  I know for a fact that God made me Julianne's Mommy because I NEEDED HER much more than because she needed me.  She is more like me (stubborn and all) than anyone I've ever met, but much prettier and much sweeter.  She just doesn't give up and she doesn't care what anyone else says is "normal" (normal is another word for BORING!).  She loves a good bowl of banana peppers, ice cream, Reeses cups, and to be loved. 
The fact that people abort 9 out of 10 children like my 6 blessings each day makes me sick.  These children aren't mistakes!  I thank God almost every day that Julianne's birth mother did drugs when she was pregnant and didn't get prenatal care, or else Julianne would have likely been a statistic.  My life wouldn't be what it is now and our entire family would be missing a very important piece.
Spread the word that Down Syndrome isn't a mistake or a flaw!  Down Syndrome is a gift!  It is just one of many ways that God chose to make each of us special!!   Next year we will celebrate with all 6 of our Chromosomally Enhanced Blessings HOME!  If you'd like to be a part of bringing them home, there are lots of opportunities to do so in THIS post.

The Unroe Family thanks God daily for the
21st Chromsosome that makes
Our "Chromosomally Enhanced" Children so

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