Monday, March 19, 2012

God Has a Plan

I need the reminder today.

God has a plan for how all 5 of these Beautiful and Amazing Kids
Tiny Keith
Interactive Aleshia
Adorable Anita
Climbing Nicholas
and Bossy Ahnja

will all get home.

He knows the day and the time.
He holds it all in His hands.
He can keep them safe while they wait.

He expects each of us to do their part in the world's orphan crisis.
These 5 are the ones He has for me right now.
I can't bring them all home.
I can't save the world.
I can give a new life to these 5 amazing blessings

What is your part????

I had to see all 5 of them together today.  So many children are waiting.  It breaks my heart that there aren't families lining up to bring each one home.  I can't bring them all home.  I fret about my 5 and then start to fret about the millions of others, especially the 240 where Keith is.  None of us can do it alone, but as the Body of Christ if we all did something then we CAN FIX IT!! 

Don't forget that each of us needs to do something. 
Pray, Advocate, Donate, Adopt!!!! 
Everyone can pray easily every day for the orphans!
You can also share the faces of the waiting kids.
Share our blog!
Pray and share each day PLEASE!
Kids are waiting!
Kids are dying!
Kids are alone!
Kids need YOU! 

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  1. God does know the date, time, and moment when our little ones will be with us. It's important to remember that, and I'm speaking for myself!!