Friday, March 30, 2012

Waiting Children Post #13

Ok, so today I am featuring the waiting children from the Mulligan Stew Giveaway. 

First of all there is HARMONY.  Her picture can't be posted here and will only be on the blog for Mulligan Stew for the rest of today!  Please go see her and tell everyone that you know about her!!!  She has a grant of over $1,300 available to help with her adoption. 

Second, is Laurel

She is turning 16 soon and will be past the age allowed for adoption.  That would mean the rest of her life spent in an institution without anyone to love her.  She has a grant of over $8,000 on Reece's Rainbow and another $3,000 grant available through her agency!!!  Someone please go get your daughter!!!

Ok, now sweet Hanson.

Hanson is one of the lost boys.  He is bedridden.  :(  He needs you to help him get out of there and show him what life is suppose to be like.  He is only 6 years old!!!  Someone go get him out of therer!!!!

Next up is poor tiny Heath

Heath has been living in the mental institution for several year already.  He will have his 11th birthday very soon.  :(  He needs someone to bring him out of there!!!!  Oh dear Lord, that could have been my Julianne there sitting alone and without one toy to play with!!!  His grant is over $5,600.  HELP!!

Jack in an 11 year old boy living with HIV.  He will be turned out on the streets when he reaches age 16 if no one chooses to love him before then.  :(  His grant is over $5,300!  Please could you be his family!

Emmitt is 14 years old.  He has less than 2 years to be taken home by his family or else he will live his entire life in a mental institution.  He's already been there way too long.  He is very intelligent.  His special need is Spina Bifida.  He would do so well in a family!

Igor has already been transferred to a mental institution.  He will remain bedridden for life unless YOU help him.  He is such a cute 7 year old!!!  Could this be YOUR little boy???

Victoria is a beautiful little girl who is currently bedridden in a mental institution.  :(  She needs a family or she will stay that way.  She is 9 years old.  Please Mama, is that you????

All of these kids need families badly!!!  Please share this.  Come back and let me know you did and I will add you into our Bulgarian Giveaway!    This is the last day for that giveaway as well as the Mulligan Stew Giveaway!!  Please share these kiddos!!!  I will draw the winner of the Bulgarian Giveaway on Tuesday.  That gives me time to get any other names from the Reece's Rainbow account.   :)

The Hidden Treasures Auction starts up tomorrow!!!  There are tons of great things to buy on that auction so don't forget to go check it out. Go check out THIS POST and see what my awesome kids did for the auction!

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