Friday, March 23, 2012

Waiting Children Post #11

Today I'm doing all BABIES!  All of the children on today's listing were born in 2011.  They all need families.  Older children are always waiting for families.  They need them badly.  Babies need families too or else they turn into older children who are still waiting.  If these babies were brought home quickly they would miss years of suffering, neglect, and needless delays to their development.  They would get better medical care, have their needs met, and most of all know what LOVE is from the beginning!  So let's all share these babies!  Remember that if you come back and let me know that you shared then you can be entered into our Bulgarian Giveaway.  That giveaway and other ways to help and chances to receive some neat things are in THIS post.

Every baby on this page today is a baby boy born in 2011!!!!  Baby boys are on my heart right now a lot, because my tiny boy is getting ready to turn 5 and has spent 5 years laying in a crib of a horrible orphanage.  He is still there right now, while I WAIT for someone at the USCIS lockbox to get around to telling us the issue with our paperwork and cashing our check.  At almost 5 years old, Keith weighs less than most of the babies on this page.  Make one of these your babies!!!  You don't want them to just stay in a crib for 5 years like our tiny Keith!!!  Pray that our paperwork moves.  Pray that God moves mountains.  Pray for each baby boy on this page and SHARE THIS POST FOR OTHERS TO SEE THEIR FACES!!!

This little cutie is Turner.  He just turned a year old in January.  He needs seen by a cardiologist to have his heart condition taken care of.  He also is listed as having anemia and protein energy malnutrition.  That means he is in need of some good nutrition and a FAMILY.  The director of his orphanage wants him to have a family badly and calls often to see if a family has been found for him!  Could this be your sweet little boy?? He has a grant of $1162.50 to help with his adoption.

Ryder just turned a year old as well!  He is a healthy little boy with Down Syndrome.  He is in an orphanage where he can be adopted with other children as well.  His grant to help with his adoption is $1,300.  This little sweet boy could end up behind bars in just a few years instead of in that cute striped outfit.  Please consider being his family!!

Sweet Justin won't be a year old until June!  He has some cardiac issues that he should see a cardiologist for.  His grant is $1,205.50 to help with his adoption.  This little dumpling would look perfect cuddled down in the arms of his Mama!!  Could that be you??

Dawson is only about 4 months old!!!  He is very ready for a family though!  What a blessing it would be to get him home quickly!!  Could this be your tiny blessing???

Kaden is a tiny little guy of only 7 months old.  He is just the cutest thing!  This could be your little boy! How can you resist him???

Peyton is not even a year old yet!  He is ready for a family.  Look at those arms asking for you to pick him up.  He is listed as having a heart murmur, so he should see a cardiologist.  Mama is that you??

Keegan is such a handsome little man!  He just turned a year old.  He has a heart issue, but surgery wasn't recommended.  He also has an issue with his eyes crossing, but if they continue that is an easy surgery (Julianne had it!).  His grant is $1,153.50 to help with his adoption.

Tiny Damon is just about 6 months old.  He is so precious!  Could this be your tiny son????

Cute little James isn't even a year old yet!  He is just so cute that I want to squeeze him.  I can just imagine the joy he could bring to a family!  Is this your little sweetheart????

Vincent is only 7 months old.  He is ready and waiting for a family to love him.  Is your family ready to be his family????

Markus just turned a year old.  He is waiting for a family to love him.  Could that be you???

Adam makes my heart skip a beat!!!  Look at this tiny angel!!!  He will turn a year old in June!  Wouldn't this little boy just make your arms feel so useful and wonderful??????

Martin is only 6 months old!!!!  Could this be your son?????

Forrest turns 1 year old sometime this month!  He should have celebrated his 1st birthday with a family, but you could make sure he does his 2nd!!  He would make a wonderful son for someone.  YOU?????

Nicholai doesn't have a very good picture, but I bet he is a good snuggler!!  He needs a Mommy to take him and get a good picture done to show the world his cuteness.  Unfortunately, many children without good pictures, get looked over and forgotten.  Don't let that happen to him.  Please think about making him your son????

Arden was still in the hospital when his write up was written.  If someone was INQUIRING about him, then they could find out how he is doing now and if he is back to the orphanage and available to come to his family now.  He just turned a year old in January and needs someone to love him.  How could you resist this sweet little man????

SIXTEEN LITTLE BABY BOYS!!!  All of them need FAMILIES!  What can you do?  Pray.  Ask God what you can do.  Then do it!!


  1. I "know" so many of these I poured over them when praying about Jaxon. Oh How I wish I could just bring them all home. Thankyou for doing these posts. I pray that their mommas come for them soon!

  2. James has a huge place in my heart. He's in the same place as my Sara. I just wish I could take them both home. I hope he has a family before I go so I can bring back pics, info, etc.

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  4. I shared Amanda. Yes! so much better for them to be adopted as infants!!

  5. Where are these little guys?? some look a bit asian! :) I SOOO wish we were ready. sigh

    1. These babies are all over. They are all listed through Reece's Rainbow right now. :) Aren't they all just so sweet???? I can just see them all in little plaid outfits with matching little hats. lol Praying that God makes a way for you soon!