Saturday, March 10, 2012

Waiting Children Post #7

I thought we'd mix it up a little today.  First up are two new little boys who were recently listed.  These boys are in a country with easy travel and easy requirements.  :)

Gavin is a cute little boy with kidney issues and a permanent catheter.  He's 5 years old.  He's social, cheery, and affectionate.  He is doing well developmentally.  He is cute as a bug and needs a family because his file is only with the agency for a short while.  He really needs a family to grow up in!

Denver is diagnosed as having Autism.  He too is 5 years old.  There are pictures and a video available of him.  Please overlook the picture and remember that these places don't care what kind of picture most of the time.  They don't try to get a good one like mommies do!  Could you help him to have a reason to smile???

Kody is 3 years old.  He was born prematurely and has developmental delays.  He couldn't be any cuter.  You really could have the privelege of being his Mama!! 

Then here are some little ones who've waited too long and need families.

Oliver is almost 5 years old and he is a boy even though he is wearing pink. He has dwarfism.   He is bedridden and will be transferred soon where he will be bedridden for life.  The grant to help with his adoption is almost $3,000.  He needs a family so very badly!

Neville is just a year old and needs a family so badly!  He has hydrocephalus.  The first surgery was unsuccessful.  The 2nd surgery was performed but the shunt still isn't working in one brain hemisphere.  He is not showing much movement.  He needs a family to bring him home and get him the proper medical care that he will never get in his country as an orphan.  Please help him!

Andrew is blind and almost 5 years old.  He needs a family or he will likely stay bedridden.  He probably has other delays from being in an institution and being unable to see.  A family would really change his life.  How horribly scared will he be bedridden in an institution where he can't see what is around him????  Could you be his family??

Malcolm is a little boy with so much potential, yet is so afraid.  He is nearly 5 years old and instead of a party when he turns 5, he's scheduled to be transferred to a mental institution.  He can walk with a walker even though he has CP it appears.  He is so scared, even where he is now.  He is picked on by the bigger and stronger kids.  He is a smart boy who they think could walk well if in a safe environment.  He needs to be LOVED! His grant is nearly $6,800.  Could you please be this little boy's family??  He would be such a wonderful son!

Ok, so there are the kids for today. 
Share them please!

Also remember that right now you can help out our family and be entered over 80 prizes valued at over $4,500 through the Mulligan Stew Giveaway.

The Hidden Treasures Auction that benefits our adoption will be the first week of April.  They are looking for donations for it and you could help out if you have ANTHING to donate.

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