Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Down Syndrome Means to Me - BY DAYTON UNROE

Today I asked the kids to write about what Down Syndrome means to them, the kids coming, Julianne, or anything about Down Syndrome in their journals for a homeschool assignment.  I haven't got to read them all yet and I'm sure that some of my kids will make it an issue of some kind or not want to share, but Dayton did a great job and was glad to let me share HIS view. 

(If you'd like to see Julianne and Dayton together in a video then HERE is a post of that.)

"Down Syndrome means alot to me.  When I think about Down Syndrome, I think of a cute little boy or girl laughing.  Alot of people think Down Syndrome is something that makes them stand out in a bad way and they will never be able to "blend in".  But they stand out in a good way, by being special and extremely cute.  They can do everything we can eventually because they are so smart.  They are also the cutest little things in the world.  Down Syndrome is the best syndrome you can have.  Down Syndrome is awesome!"

Dayton Unroe
age 10
brother to one "Chromosomally Enhanced" sister home
and 3 sisters and two brothers on the way who are also
"Chromosomally Enhanced"


  1. Replies
    1. He adores her. :) She will do whatever he does as a result. He is the reason she wants to walk on the treadmill and dribble a ball. Mutual adoration!

  2. Aww he is an amazing brother. I wish everyone had a sibling like Dayton.

    1. I know 5 more chromosomally enhanced kiddos who will have that very soon! He (and the other kids) are all very ready to adore them too. Dayton and Julianne are hysterical together. He is my very mature and super intelligent kid who would never look goofy, except for to please her! <3