Friday, March 9, 2012

Mulligan Stew????

A wonderful lady is doing a HUGE fundraiser that she is calling Mulligan Stew.  There are over $4,500 worth of prizes available.  There is an Ipad and a couple Kindles along with lots of other prizes.  We are one of the families that can benefit from this fundraiser and we are very thankful for all the effort that she has put into it.  We'd be thrilled it you could hop over to her blog and be a part of it. 

Here is the link!

I also thought I'd give you a special treat in this post.  :)

Julianne has always been interested in the treadmill that we have.  Yet, she has always been afraid to get on it with it moving.  Last night she decided she wanted on it.  It was on a 10 incline when she got on.  She went as fast as 3MPH at times on it!  She was very proud and would lift her tiny feet up to show off.  :) 

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