Friday, March 16, 2012

Waiting Children Post #9

Today I want to highlight some special waiting children.  If you've been reading the blog this week, then you likely saw when two of these little girls went available. 

This little boy just popped up on Reece's Rainbow today:

Zane just had his 3rd birthday!!  :)  He is in a good orphanage.  He walks, says a few words, and scribbles on paper.  He plays appropriately and loves to be hugged.  There are additional photos available.  This little boy will make a perfect addition to a family and is ready for his family to step forward and bring him home.  Could that be you???

Sarah is in a really bad place and needs a family quickly.  She went up on Reece's Rainbow immediately and I posted her immediately.  She is only 5 years old.  She weighs about 20lbs.  She is blind and has CP along with another syndrome listed in her link that it appears children recover from gradually.  She needs OUT of where she is.  Someone who chooses to be God's hands and feet for her will be incredibly blessed.  I know she seems delayed, but for where she is, she is doing well.  Please pray, advocate, donate, and consider being her family!

Carissa is also in that bad place.  She is only 4 years old.  She needs a family!  Her only special need listed is delays in all areas.  Considering where she is, she is doing great.  She is walking and making sounds, but not talking.  She would thrive in a family, I just know it!  Her profile says that her picture may indicate FAS.  Someone jump in with both feet and thank God for this little blessing!! 

Megan needs a family desperately.  She has already been transferred to an institution, so no more photos can be obtained.  She is only 6 years old (Julianne will be 6 in July, so this is a LITTLE girl)!!  Her grant is HUGE and will pay for almost all of her adoption.  It is almost $24,000!!!!  The financial leap is always a huge one for people because adoption is expensive, but that burden has been lifted.  Still this little girl waits!!!  Could she please be your little girl?????  Single moms are welcome in her region.  PLEASE SOMEONE!!!

This poor sweet boy is Nicky.  He is 3 years old.  If someone would hold him and save him from the upcoming tranfer to an institution, I bet that sad face would disappear.  Imagine a big smile on that face.  Often kids that don't have good pictures don't get chosen.  All of our kids look like this sometimes though!  His grant is over $5,000.  He needs a family, please????

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