Friday, March 2, 2012

My Husband is on His Way HOME!

My husband has been gone for a month!  He has visited 5 children in 3 different cities.  He has made me so proud with how well that he has handled all the things during this trip.  He has loved on, held, cuddled, played with, and swung in the air all 5 of my babies.  He has had to sadly leave each one behind, with a strength that I thank God he possesses, because I don't have that. He has missed all 14 of us very much, but been so strong about the whole thing.  He has taken pictures and videos better than I imagined he could.  He has worked hard to Skype me in each day so that I could see each child in "live time". 

Now, he is finally in the air and on his way back to us here.  He is on his way to Amsterdam right now, then will start the treck across the ocean to New York.  Then late Saturday night he will arrive in Columbus!  I will be picking him up and my wonderful brother and sister in law will be staying here with my 13 kids and their 3 kids.  We will sleep a few hours at a Columbus hotel and then head home to our crew, who will be very glad to have Daddy home.  (I might manage a "date" at Olive Garden on the way home since it is such a long drive!)

I am so very thankful for my husband and the wonderful Daddy that he is.  He loves each of the kids before we ever touch them, just like I do.  He truly is a man that I thank God for each day.  One day this week I will write the story of how we came to find each other and the miracle God gave us in each other.  Tonight, I am going to try and get some sleep so that I can safely drive to pick him up!

Praying God gives him a safe trip and that it is just a short time before I head over to get our babies and bring them home!


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your journey for adopting these wonderful children. You and your husband make miracles happen by giving a loving family to these kids who have been without it their whole lives.. Thank you so much, you are in my toughts every day.
    Leena, Finland

  2. I too have LOVED following this. And I would love to hear how you met! :o)

  3. Thanks ladies! I will get onto more posts soon. :) I appreciate your following our journey and truly we are the ones that are so blessed! :)

  4. It was such a privilege to spend some time with Brent on the way home from Bulgaria. I so enjoyed hearing all about your incredible family. Praying that this next part of the process breezes by and that your fabulous five are home with you soon. Once we are all home and settled with our new little ones, it would be such a blessing to get together with your family!