Friday, March 16, 2012

Why the Flu is a Good Thing

Currently, I am just getting over the flu, Julianne is getting over the flu, Dayton is still in the middle of the flu, and Jacob just came down with the flu yesterday evening.  The flu is horrible.  The coughing, sneezing, sick, horrible yuckies, and the fevers that make everyone more miserable.  I hate to see my babies sick.  I'm sure all moms know that feeling well.  None of us can stand to see our little ones sick and miserable!

Yet, I'm pretty sure that this flu is a good thing!  Sound a little weird (even for me lol)?  Keep reading and you just might agree. 

The devil never bothers you unless you are getting somewhere!  Adoptions get him all stirred up.  He hates adoption.  He has those children where he can torture them.  Their lights will never shine while they are locked away.  No one will see their redemption and relate it to the redemption we can all have through Christ.  Convincing the world that children God created are defective and not worthy of life is his game and many believe it.  What could be more his doing than a tiny little boy alone in an isolation room, hungry, miserable, not even knowing what love or family looks like????  See why he hates adoption??? 

But Keith is coming out of there!  Aleshia is coming out!  Anita is coming out! Nicholas is coming out! Ahnja is coming out!!!! 

See why he's so ticked off? 

If we weren't making progress, then he would leave us alone!

We are though.  They are coming out of there soon!!!

I'm pretty sure that everyone here (some are nonverbal which is the only reason I say "pretty sure" instead of "positive") would very gladly have the flu if it means our 5 Bulgarian Blessings are coming home even one day sooner!

Everyone here that has the flu or is will get the flu is HERE.  They are safe and loved.  They can be coddled.  They can get medicine.  They can have popsicles.  They will be taken care of.  (Pictures at the end of the post)

Our kids that aren't home yet don't have that luxury that would seem like a RIGHT to me.  Shouldn't every child have that????  Go look on Reece's Rainbow at all the kids who don't and ask God what He'd have you to do about it.

In the meantime, you can help families who are adopting or children who don't have families yet, but a grant might help a family step out for them.  Don't forget the Mulligan Stew Giveaway!  There is a big button to take you there on the left side of my blog!  Don't forget that by sharing the two sweet girls in yesterday's post, you can be entered into our Bulgarian Giveaway.  Don't forget that I have "Thank You" pictures for those who are donating to the Hidden Treausures Auction that is being done for us or our grant fund.  Don't miss the opportunity to donate to our grant and be entered in the Bulgarian Giveaway and the Mulligan Stew Giveaway.  More details about all of that are in THIS post.

Now for some pictures of Julianne "recovering":

For the record, these were at about 2 or 3am this morning. 
For some reason, that is when she got her ice cream craving!
Of course, we obliged because she has been sick,
or maybe just a little spoiled! 

Gotta love that ice cream face!

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