Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waiting Children Post #10

Today all of the kids are from a particular country and region.  They all are in URGENT need of a family!!  They all need all of us to have a heart!

The requirements and info (as well as lots more kids) can be found here :

Ok, so let's see some new faces. 

This adorable little boy is Abbot.  He is not quite 5 years old yet and has already been TRANSFERRED!  There is no way to know how he is now and he needs a FAMILY URGENTLY!  He loved to play and run.  He was a good communicator even though he didn't talk in his last updates.  Now he could be sitting all alone on a bench somewhere unable to play or do anything.  SOMEONE GO RESCUE HIM!!   He has a grant of $2,018 to help with his adoption.  Could you PLEASE be his FAMILY??

This little angel is Dayna and she is in urgent need or heart surgery!!  She is going on three years old.  She hasn't been feeling well and really needs a family to get her the medical attention that she deserves.  Could you be her family??

Sweet Lily has been waiting waaayyy too long.  She has a heart condition and needs seen by a cardiologist.  She just turned 5 years old in February.  Could you give her the family she so desperately needs??  She has a grant of over $6,700 to help with her adoption.

Angelina also needs a family so badly.  She is turning 4 years old sometime this month.  She also has a heart condition and needs to see a cardiologist.  There are additional pictures available.  She has a grant of over $4,500 to help with her adoption.  Look at those dark eyes and say "yes"!

All of the children today are from the same region.  Here are some other pictures of children from that region who are listed as Additional Children.

These are just SOME of the children available from this region.  So many wait.  There are so many Christians.  If everyone does something, then they won't have to suffer.  What can you do?  Pray, Advocate, Donate, Adopt!  Pray and Advocate are something each of us can do.  Repost this.  Call their names out to our Heavenly Father.  Then when you have a dollar that you can spare, skip a drive thru, or pinch some pennies somewhere - then donate it.  No amount is too small.  Each dollar is a dollar that can be used to get them into families.  Then pray and ask God if that is all you are to do.  Does He want you to adopt?  He doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.  He will provide the funds if it is His will.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  These kids are HIS.  He doesn't want them to suffer alone.  He didn't leave us as orphans and He expects US to be His hands and feet. 

If you repost this (no reason not to!), then come back and let me know.  That way I can put you into the the Giveaway that I explain in this post.  Go read it for other ways to be rewarded for being a part as well as the Mulligan Stew Giveaway. 

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  1. I shared!! Thank you for including Abbott. He's such a sweetie!