Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Bully

That is what the devil is.  He is a big hateful bully!  He is bullying me which ticks me off, but worse than that is that he is bullying my children.

The ones of us here have each other.  We can stand strong together.  We are safe together. 

The 5 little ones over there are another ball game!

They are alone!
They are helpless!
I have no power to protect them or comfort them!

I just got back from a small whine fest.  I decided that if my children were being bullied, I would want them to come to me and tell me.  I'd want them to cry if they needed to.  I wouldn't want them to pretend to be tough and take the blows quietly. 

God is MY FATHER!  He wants to know and He doesn't expect me to be able to handle it.  I cried and whined and begged.  I did that until I fell asleep.  I woke up with a peace of knowing that HE is going to take care of it and mad as heck at the old devil.  I feel a tremendous sense of urgency and will nag the people at USCIS until they tell me what is happening or die from exhaustion.  I will fight even harder to see that old devil put back in his place.  He doesn't belong up here messing around in this adoption.  He has had a hold on Keith's tiny life and the life of my other kids for long enough.  They won't be small and meek and forgotten for long!!  They are going to be OURS and LOVED!  The devil will have to just get over his hold, because it is going to be gone. 

Don't be silent!  Post your name and say your praying.  Pray!  Ask God to remove him from our process and get these kids home quickly!  I'm not going to back down for even one second.  Those 5 little miracles are worth screaming for prayer over.  If I made a mistake on paperwork, there is a glitch in their system and our # of kids, or who knows what else . . . . GOD CAN FIX IT RIGHT UP AND KNOCK THE DEVIL RIGHT OUT OF THIS.    Please pray!  God has the rest!


  1. Ron and I are praying! And don't worry about the rant, you love your children and want them here!

  2. The Miller Family in CA are lifting you up. We pray often for you and yours and will certainly celebrate the victorious homecoming that the Lord has planned for your children!

  3. The Welty Family in Oregon are praying for you.

  4. I've been praying ever since I saw Keith on RR (I had not seen the rest). And I've been praying for the rest since I saw your blog. I've also shared about Pleven on my blog so hopefully there will be more prayers for all these children! Dee (adopting Brigita from EE). http://faithlovehopeandcourage.blogspot.com

  5. Of course I'm praying. Your family, like so many others, are never out of my prayers. But I will concentrate especially hard for you now. And for your little ones.