Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waiting Children Post #12

Up next we will see what little baby girls with Down Syndrome were born in 2011 and are still waiting.  They all need families. Older children are always waiting for families. They need them badly. Babies need families too or else they turn into older children who are still waiting. If these babies were brought home quickly they would miss years of suffering, neglect, and needless delays to their development. They would get better medical care, have their needs met, and most of all know what LOVE is from the beginning! So let's all share these babies! Remember that if you come back and let me know that you shared then you can be entered into our Bulgarian Giveaway. That giveaway and other ways to help and chances to receive some neat things are in THIS post.

Up first!

Kelsey is only 5 months old.  She has a heart condition, but they don't think surgery will be necessary.  She needs a family to make her their tiny princess.  Could your family be the one???

Ruth is a tiny girl with a huge need for a family!  She just turned a year old.  She is listed with malnutrition as well as some other health issues.  Good medical care and nutrition would change her world, but LOVE would make such a huge difference.  Is this your tiny princess??? 

Sweet Margaret is another baby in need of a family and medical attention.  She needs YOU!  I promise that the joys of being her Mama will far outweigh the trials.  Could this be your tiny daughter???

Melody is so beautiful!!  She is 8 months old and recently had the heart surgery that she needed.  She is in the same place as Turner that we saw yesterday and they could be adopted TOGETHER!!  What a joy that would be!  The director of this institution really wants a family for these kids.  This could be your tiny princess or you could bring them both home????  Mama, are you coming now???

Little Dorothy is still waiting for a family too!  She will be a year old in May.  Make this her only birthday alone!!  She has a heart condition and will need to see a cardiologist, but she would really steal your heart if you'd give her a chance!!  Mama???

Marianne is waiting for Mama!  She is only 6 months old!  Is this your daughter??

Dottie is such a sweet.  She is healthy and calm.  She just turned a year old!  She is in a region of Russia with easy travel and lower cost, plus has almost $2,000 in her grant to help with her adoption.  Wouldn't you love to bring this sweet girl home????

Claudia is almost a year old!!  She is just GORGEOUS!!  She has no heart issues and needs a Mama.  Is that you??????

Milana may not have a great picture, but she is a beautiful girl.  God made her in His image and any family who gets blessed to be her family will get to know a beautiful girl I'm sure.  Is this your baby????  Could you take her for some good photos when she gets home so we can all see????

Victoria is so sweetly sleeping in this photo.  She is 7 months old and so precious.  Is this your tiny princess?

Gerri just turned a year old.  She's such a pretty girl!  Is this your daughter??

Jay Lynn is a sweet little 6 month old.  She is waiting for her Mama.  Mama, is that you????

Katrina is a beautiful 8 month old in need of a family.  Can your family be hers???

Sweet Kendra just turned a year old.  Could you make it her last birthday alone????  Please!!!

Veronica just turned a year old as well.  She needs a Mama to love her.  Would you be her Mama???

Tiny Melanie is right around a year old.  She has anemia and epilepsy.  She needs a Mama to love her!  Mama, is that you???

Another tiny princess who just turned a year old.  Martha needs a Mama!  Could this tiny princess be yours????

Juliet is a little over a year old now.  She already had heart surgery.  Now she just needs a Mama.  Is that you????

Well, I went through the list.  EIGHTEEN little baby girls all waiting for their families.  These little girls need families NOW.  If you go for them now, then they will never be like our Aleshia and not even able to sit up when they are turning 6!!  You can make their world happy from their earliest memories.  Pray, donate, advocate, ADOPT!!

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