Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small USCIS Update

I did hear back from one of the Senator's offices today.  Senator Portman's office was very helpful and prompt.  I called to make sure that they had received the fax and within minutes had an email from the lady there with a few additional questions.  She sent of an inquiry this afternoon and I'm hopeful that I will hear something back soon. 

It is amazing how much just a response can give a sense of relief.  Just knowing that someone is going to try and help you get something accomplished is huge.  I really appreciate just knowing that someone will listen and cares. 

I haven't heard anything back from our USCIS officer yet. 

I haven't heard anything back from Senator Brown's office either. 

I don't know the political parties of the two Senators in Ohio.  I do know how I will vote in elections from now on as a result of how their staffs have handled this.  I really think that Senator Portman's staff are going to help me get to the bottom of what is going on and if we are electing people then they should make sure that their staff are their to do what they can. 

I hope that we will hear good things back soon and I will keep you all posted. 

Please pray!  Tiny Keith shouldn't have to wait any longer than absolutely necessary.  Pray for this issue to be resolved, but also be praying for every other stop and every other person that is between Keith and home.  We want all 5 of the kids home ASAP, but I think you all know the urgency with him is so serious.  Keep those prayers going up, because prayer does change things.

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  1. Glad to hear you got a small update! Still praying for your family to be able to have all your sweeties home very soon.