Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 18th, 2012 Means . . .

In two weeks tiny Keith and Ahnja will both celebrate their birthdays.  They are our first two kids to have the same birth"day". 

Sweet and hillarious Ahnja will turn 10 years old.  Ten whole years without parents to love her at home with them.  I mean we love her dearly, but she won't get to feel it on this birthday.  :(  I hope that they have a party for her.  She is in a group home, so I have some hope, right?

Tiny little Keith will be 5 years old.  Sweet ,sweet boy will have been alone in that crib for 5 years, with the exception of 5 days when Daddy was there to love him.  Oh how I wish his birthday wasn't on a Sunday!!!  Sunday means less staff, no Baba, and little to no care at all.  Oh sweet boy, I'm so sorry that you are still there.  We are coming for you!  All I can do that day is pray that someone picks him up to feed him at least one bottle and that somebody changes his diaper for his birthday.  Oh how my heart breaks.  Why does he have to lay there???  We are ready to love him and take care of him every day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without a wimper unnoticed.  Why does the process have to take so long????  It is so much easier on the kids that are at least "ok".  The ones who are normal weights are hard to wait for, but the wait for him is heartwrenching.  My 12 lb, tiny boy turning 5 alone in a crib, in an isolation room is haunting me and the day isn't even here yet. 

Please pray that we have some progress between now and then.  Pray that God reaches down and blesses his day in some way.  Pray that some caregiver remembers that he is loved and takes care of him better.  Pray that his Baba at least sings Happy Birthday that next day.  Please pray that he is OK while he waits. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How my heart aches for what he is doing now at this moment!  Sundays are a miserable day in his orphanage.  It is early morning there.  I am heartbroken for what his day will be like.  Oh God, please take care of my tiny, almost 5 year old baby!!  Please give him the hope that love is coming for him and wrap Your love around him while he waits. 

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  1. The delivery pains of waiting for that travel date are the worst!