Thursday, March 15, 2012

The BIG Questions and Statements and NEW FACES!

Yes, there are those questions and statements that come over and over.  You know those BIG ones from the people who think they know it all.  (If you are adopting go ahead and laugh now, because you've heard them and know how it goes.)  I thought I'd cover those today. 

The first one I want to hit is the one that irks me the most at the moment.  Disclaimer:  I know that most mean it to be encouraging, but its NOT.

Drum Roll Please . . . . . .
                        "ALL IN GOD'S TIME" or "God's in control" - This is attached to so many sentences at the beginning or the end.  It is meant to mean that there is no need to worry, fret, rush, or. . . I don't know what.  I believe God is in control, BUT He gives each person on this earth free will.  That means that the people who have my paperwork, might not choose to do things in the fashion that He would have them to do it.  I can guarantee that God isn't the one who choose the condition that Keith is in right now!!!  It wasn't HIM who had to do with that!  He didn't choose for the world to reject children with an extra chromosome!  It all goes back to that sinful free will that we all have.  The fact that He know "when" doesn't make Keith any less in need, alone, or hungry!  It doesn't make the years without a family any less hard for any of the 5 who are waiting for us.  God is in control every day, but the fact we have free will means that orphans DIE.  I'd love to say that those words comfort me when people say them, but it DOESN'T.  I just want to say, "If your child was lying in a crib all alone on the other side of the world without you and in misery, would that do it for YOU"!

Next up . . . .
               "Why ?" - This is a question we get a lot.  The truth is that I know God intends for me to and I want to obey Him.  I love HIM dearly.  I love each of my children dearly.  I love the kids He intends for me so very much before I ever even know which one He plans for me.  See GOD ADOPTED ME!  He actually had His Son come down and die, so that He could adopt me into His family!!  WHAT A PRICE HE PAID!!  If  He went to all that trouble to adopt me, then I think He intends for me to share that love.  I'm therefore building my family through the same route that He built His!  Millions of children are waiting!!!

Which leads to the next one . . .
               "You can't save them all" - I always feel like saying "REALLY?  YOU ARE KIDDING RIGHT?".  I try to control my sarcasm.  I do know that I can't save them all, but does the fact that none of us can save them all, mean that we shouldn't help any of them????  I can't save every one.  I can love the ones that He gives ME though.  I can keep being a willing vessel.  I can keep yelling and screaming to anyone who will listen (or who won't lol) that they are out there ALONE.  I want to stand before God one day and say I did all that I could do.  I surely don't want Him to say " A child's name here" DIED because you didn't go!  Oh Lord, please don't let that happen. 

That's all the ones I am going to hit today.  I don't want to make the post two long.  There are two more little girls whose faces I want you to look at who just got listed on Reece's Rainbow and they are IMPORTANT!

Carissa needs a family!  She needs out of where she is and in a family who will love her and make up for all she's been through.  She is delayed, but has no diagnosis listed in her file.  I'd say considering "where" she is that she is doing quite well for the circumstances. She is walking and making sounds, but not talking.   She is only FOUR years old!!! 
She is a child that instead of asking "Why?" many need to ask "Why not?".

The last new face I want you to see is Sarah.  She is a beautiful 5 year old.  She can sit up and pull to a crouching position.  She is in a place that she REALLY needs out of.  She needs home in a family. She has CP and is blind.  There is other stuff in her info.  Go read about her.  Who knows how much of that is correct and really who cares.  What that little girl needs is out of "that" place and home.  Doesn't ask "Why" and "Why not".  You could even ask why not both! 

Share these girls everywhere!!!  Look here at all the opportunities to be rewarded for your efforts.  Sharing these girl will count for two entries into the Bulgarian Giveaway we are doing.  That means that because these girls need a family so badly, every day that you share them you can get to entries for Sarah and two entries for Carissa.  Come back to this post and tell me each time that you share though!  That same link has other opportunities for helping us out in other ways including being entered in the Mulligan Stew Giveaway that is going on and has HUGE prizes.


  1. It is really hard to figure out "God is in control" when you are faced with unspeakable tragedy...such as Keith's condition or even the death of my two children. It is hard to think that God chose this? Would God choose for children to suffer, or my babies to die? I really can't make sense of it all of the time either.

  2. Good post, Amanda. Yes, those are frequent questions--whether asked out loud or just thought. And I'm so glad that 2 more kids in THAT place are getting a voice. Sharing.
    Joy McClain