Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Pictures of How We Waited for Skype Calls

I thought I'd show you more pictures of what we did at 2 am while waiting for Skype calls, but first a prayer request.  Please pray for our tiny Keith.  He is so tiny, needs medical attention for his kidneys, and isn't in a place where he is taken care of well.  Please pray and join me in begging God to help the process be expedited so that he can be home and safe.

Now, for pictures of us waiting for those Skype calls. 
Julianne is a night owl, so for her that was a GREAT month.  lol

I think the pictures tell the story on this one. 
Movies, chocolate, and good company while waiting to see our little ones.  :)

Don't forget about our Bulgarian Giveaway going on and that you can get entries into the Mulligan Stew Giveaway when you donate as well.  Also don't forget that we'd love to send you a "Thank You" picture.  I've had two people email me and say that they'd love to have one. 
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  1. These pictures are amazing!! Praying for your little one. We're in a similar position so I understand the pain of waiting and the need to get a SPEEDY process. Many blessings!