Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I meant to be working on a really great World Down Syndrome Day post right now, but instead I feel like falling into a heap.  Our check that we sent to the USCIS has never been cashed.  Tomorrow makes 2 weeks.  I called today to see what was going on.

They say there is an issue at the "Lockbox".  The only thing that they know is that there is an issue, but the computer doesn't say "what" the issue is.  The people I have to talk to are in MO and the lockbox is in TX.  There is no phone number, but I was given an email address.  I have of course already emailed to that address, but of course I've not gotten some immediate response. 

I feel completely sick!  All 5 of my kids are waiting for us to come back and get them and now another delay of some sort.  It was a lot of paperwork, but I went through each piece over and over.  I was sure I had it all correct.  Why doesn't the computer tell what the issue is like they say it normally does??? 

They say that there is a lady who goes over these things and tries to resolve them, but I've heard nothing.  The person that I have helping me here in the U.S. has heard of requests for more info, but not this.  I am at a loss. 

I hate every day that they have to be there instead of here for all 5 of them, but KEITH NEEDS OUT DESPERATELY!  I feel so sick thinking of him laying there all alone, hungry, wet, and in isolation. 

Please I am begging that you pray for God to fix this and move things along for him!!!  We've been getting hit by the devil from all sides lately.  I can't even name everything that has happened in the past 1 1/2 weeks.  I do know that we have a Father in Heaven who can fix all of this.  I know that the devil wouldn't be so mad if we weren't doing what God wants.  I do know that God is BIGGER and He can overcome all of this. 

PLEASE STORM HEAVEN and ask that the lady at the lockbox puts priority on this and gets whatever needs done, done quickly.  I told her in the email that we will do whatever needs done.  I just don't know what the problem is right now.  PLEASE PRAY for the paperwork and all 5 of the kids, but especially Keith.

He just shouldn't have to wait a day longer than absolutely necessary!


  1. Praying Amanda and Brent. I hate this roller coaster! I hate the paperwork!

  2. I'm praying. We need to get those babies out of there!

  3. Call your congressman's office! I'm serious! I didn't think much of this idea, but it actually worked for us. They are there to help you. If you don't get anywhere, call your senator's office. They will get answers! And we will pray for you!

    1. Jennifer, that was already on my list. lol I called both offices today. I'm hoping for someone to get me more info and let me know what is going on tomorrow. Thank you!

  4. Hello, I wanted to tell you that my husband and I met your husband in the airport in Sofia on our return flight. We had been in BG for the week visiting our little guy. We were very inspired by your 'story' and know the urgency you feel. We will pray for your paperwork to move through. Ours is in the mix too. Please contact me (if you want) so that we can privately compare timelines. Much love.

  5. Thank you all for the prayers. I'm hoping to have more news soon. Keep those prayers heading to the only One who can do anything about any of it. :)