Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAISES! (Updated with more Praise!!)

I know that not everyone who reads my blog is obsessive about the waiting children on Reece's Rainbow.  They probably don't "stalk" the My Family Found Me Page either.  lol 


I get great joy out of seeing who has families coming for them.  I love knowing that someone has decided that this child was worth jumping off of the cliff in the eyes of the world.  I love knowing that they've already fallen in love with this little person, who as of yet has no idea that their world is about to change forever. 

Several of the kids that we've featured here and I hope you've all been praying for have landed on that page since we featured them.  Even if their families didn't see them on "this" blog, we still had a part if we were praying.  I thought I'd share those "Praises" with you today!

Ok I am adding this in and out of order, because it happened after I wrote the post, but LOOK WHAT GOD DID!!

Bernadette is #6!!!!

  First up is Miss Lilianna!  We featured her in our last waiting children post and she has a family coming!!  PRAISE THE LORD!

2nd would be Samuel!  He is nearing 16 and close to the age where all hope of adoption is gone.  Not now though, because God has a family for him!  Praise HIM!!

3rd is another older boy, Duncan!  Praising God that he too has a family coming and won't "age out"!

Milena is #4 to have a family coming for her!!!  She is a very needy little girl and she will be an "orphan no more".  God is amazing!

Alexander is the 5th child we prayed for on here that has found a family.  :)  God is so good and we praise Him for bringing a family forwarded for this wonderful little boy!

So our first "Waiting Children" post went up on February 18th.  In less than a month, God has provided homes for 6 of the children you all were praying and helping me advocate for through the hard work of Reeces Rainbow!  Look back through those posts at the other waiting children.  Pray for them. 

Don't forget that you can get a picture "Thank You Card" if you've donated to our FSP (or do now) or are donating to the Hidden Treasures Auction.  Its a great way to have the faces there to remind you to pray and see the faces you are praying for!  Our email is and you would need to email me your address. 

You can also be entered to win our "Bulgarian Giveaway" and entered in our friend's Mulligan Stew Giveaway for donating to our FSP between now and the end of March. If you donate to our FSP between now and then, then you can email me your address to get the "Thank You Card" above, be entered in our Bulgarian Giveaway and I can let our friend know to enter you in her giveaway for a possibility of huge prizes (the newest ipad, 2 kindles, and over 80 other things!).  Pictures of the prize for the Bulgarian Giveaway can be found HERE and the link for the Mulligan Stew Giveaway can be found there are on the left side bar!  Don't miss this opportunity to have so many chances to win something for your generosity!


  1. Thanks for this post, Amanda! It is great to be reminded what God has done. I've been especially concerned about the older kids and I am tickled silly that they have families coming.

  2. I was so happy today to see Bernadette's lovely face on that page! I blogged about it, too! Praise the Lord!